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Through photographs, text and sound all kindly provided by the Duigan family, Museum Victoria and the RAAF Museum Point Cook, this page highlights the pioneering work of John Robertson and Reginald Charles Duigan who designed, built and flew the first truly 'all Australian' aeroplane.

Australia and Europe : Prior to 1908

The Robertson, Duigan and Simpson Families - A Selected Genealogy

Spring Plains - Mia Mia, Victoria

Australia : 1908 - 11

Glider #1 and 2

Test flights - Mia Mia, 1908/9

Pusher Biplane #1

Test flights - Mia Mia, 1909

Pusher Biplane #2

Construction - Mia Mia, 1910

Test flights (private) - Mia Mia, 1910/11

Test flights (public) - Mia Mia, 1910/11

Demonstration flights - Bendigo, May 3, 1911

Documentation - 3Views, other drawings and technical specifications

'Australian Biplane - Successful Trials' - The Argus, October 8, 1910

On display - at the Museum of Victoria c. 1920/90

Melbourne Museum FactSheet (PDF file)

England : 1912

Tractor Biplane #1 - with A.V Roe, 1911/12

'Mr Duigan's Success' - The Aeroplane, May 2, 1912

For more information about the AVRO-Duigan (incl. scale plans), visit Derek Buckmaster's Design Bureau website

Australia : 1913

Tractor Biplane #2

France : 1916 - 18

Captain J. R. Duigan, M.C. - Australian Flying Corps

'A Thrilling Flight' - Captain J.R. Duigan wins the Military Cross

Point Cook - Australia's oldest and the world's second oldest military flying base

The Australian Flying Corps, 1916-1918

3 Squadron AFC : A History

The Albatros DVa

3 Squadron AFC vs. Manfred von Richthofen, 'The Red Baron'

Manfred von Richthofen, 'The Red Baron'

3 Squadron RAAF today

The FA-18 'Hornet'

Australia : 1920 - 1950

Reginald Duigan - 'Investor', 1936

Duigan : The Next Generation

Brian Lawless Duigan, DSO, DFC and Bar (1914 - 1982) and his Aircraft

Terence Lawless 'Terry' Duigan, DFC (b:1916) his Aircraft and his Art

Suzanne 'Sue' Lawless Duigan (1924 - 1993) and her Aircraft

John Denis Duigan (b:1927) and his Aircraft

Australia : a Postscript

John and Reginald Duigan, Australian aviation pioneers - by Keith Meggs

Duigan Pusher Biplane (Replica) - by Ronald Lewis - with a special Photo Album

Duigan Pusher Biplane (Replica) - at the new 'Melbourne Museum' from June 2000

'First Flight', 1910 - 1960 (1990) - A Monument at Mia Mia

Gliders and Powered Aeroplanes 1908 - 1910 - Europe and the USA

Stamp of Approval - the Duigan Brothers 'go postal'

Document Restoration - pushing back the years

Mia Mia - a local area map

Hamilton and the Western District - Cradle of Australian Aviation?

With gratitude and thanks - Mrs Gwynne Elizabeth Duigan, wife of Terry


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