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John and Reginald Duigan - A Photographic Gallery

'Famous Australians', 1970


Booklet, 6c 'Famous Australians', 1970

Reginald Charles (left) and John Robertson Duigan

Released in 1970 as part of a four stamp standard issue, the set featured alongside the Duigan brothers, (far left) writer, Adam Lindsay Gordon, explorer, Edward John Eyre and colonial governor, Lachlan Macquarie,


First Day Cover, 6c 'Famous Australians', 1970

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Pre Paid Airmail Envelope, Australia, 1994


Pre Paid Airmail Envelope, Australia, 1994

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Creator: Designed: Clinton, Brian; Boschen, Janet; Australia Post Graphic Design Studio; Australia Made: Mercury-Walch Pty Ltd; Hobart, Tasmania

Description: Envelope, John Duigan, Australia Post, Australia, 1994. Envelope printed on white paper. The front is printed with a pale background of blue sky and white clouds with a red and dark blue stripe pattern across the top. In the left top corner is a blue AIR MAIL/PAR AVION logo and a sketch printed in black of an early aircraft.

In black swirling across the upper right side are the words `FIRST AUSTRALIAN-BUILT POWERED AIRCRAFT TO FLY 1910' trailing behind a small sketch of a plane. Upper right corner has POSTAGE PAID in dark blue above sketch of Duigan brothers over a silhouette in white on a pale orange ground. In black `REGINALD DUIGAN JOHN DUIGAN' over AUSTRALIA in red.


Pre Paid Airmail Envelope, Australia, 1994, (detail)

Postmark: FIRST DAY OF ISSUE 18 AUGUST 1994/MASCOT NSW 2020. Printed in dark blue in lower left corner: 'INTERNATIONAL/POSTAGE PREPAID ENVELOPE/MAXIMUM WEIGHT 250g'. On the reverse printed in black are product information, 'Conditions of Carriage', barcode, Australia Post logo.

Marks: On reverse: Aviation Feats: John and Reginald Duigan/John Duigan (1882-1951), with the assistance of his brother/Reginald, designed, built and flew the first Australian-built/powered aircraft to fly at Spring Plains, Victoria, in 1910.

Illustration: Brian Clinton/Design: Janet Boschen, Australia Post Graphic Design Studio. Conditions of Carriage/.... Barcode. Australia Post and logo. Dimensions: W 25.0 CM L 35.3 CM Designed: This is the first time that a design concept (Aviation Feats) has been carried across a whole range of Australian postal products.

This is the first series of Australian international postage prepaid envelopes. The use of 'Postage Paid' rather than a denomination facilitates the use of these envelopes after postage rate increases. Postage prepaid envelopes have been used within Australia since 1992, and the concept has been applied to aerograms since 1993.

Date: Manufacture: 1994 Associate Places: Designed: Clinton, Brian; Boschen, Janet; Australia Post Graphic Design Studio; Australia Made: Mercury-Walch Pty Ltd; Hobart, Tasmania Item Id Number: 94/247/8

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