Glider, 1909

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A 500 pixel or 1000 pixel image may also be downloaded


Glider being flown as a 'man carrying' kite

Museum Victoria [Image #AB009425]

A 500 pixel image may also be downloaded

The above image is similar to those taken by the Wrights when testing a similar sized glider, both showing an extreme angle of incidence of the craft at almost ground level. I'm guessing the glider was tethered just out of left of frame. The pilot (John D?) seems to be wearing a kerchief suggesting the craft is facing directly into the wind and thus the direction of all the dust and such. Alternately (1) It may have also been being 'flown' during an abnormally high wind or (2) be being 'towed' by motor car.

See also the great page at First to Fly about the Wright Glider of 1899

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