John and Reginald Duigan, Australian aviation pioneers

Chapter 3 from the forthcoming four-volume masterpiece by Keith Meggs, Australian Built Aircraft, and The Industry

previewed in Aviation Heritage, The Journal of Aviation Historical Society of Australia Inc., Vol. 26, No.1, 1990, ISSN0815 - 4392. and re-published here with kind permission of the author, Keith Meggs and Editor, Bill Baker

Please note that since this article appeared in Aviation Heritage the address for the AHSA has changed. You may get in touch with the Society by mail to PO Box 2007, South Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA, 3131; by Phone or Fax to +61 3 9583 4072 or by eMail to the Editor, Bill Baker, auster@primus.com.au

Read more about Keith Meggs and his soon to be published Australian-Built Aircraft, and the Industry

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