AVRO (A.V. Roe), England, 1911/12

John and Reginald Duigan - A Photographic Gallery


A Visit to the AVRO Works

The Aeroplane, December 7, 1911, Duigan Family Archives

A 750 pixel or 1000 pixel image may also be downloaded


John R. Duigan flying the AVRO-Duigan Biplane, 1911

Penrose, Harold. British Aviation : The Pioneer Years 1903-1914,1st Published by Putnam and Revised edition by Cassell, London.

A 500 pixel or 750 pixel image may also be downloaded


Avro Biplane, 1911

Artists rendition for the packaging of a 1/48th scale 'Life-Like' Model Kit, c. 1960

A 500 pixel image may also be downloaded

For more information about the AVRO-Duigan (incl. scale plans), visit Derek Buckmaster's Design Bureau website

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