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Mobile IPv6 Research at CTIE.

Two collaborating research efforts into Mobility Management for IPv6 are underway at Monash CTIE.

  Each of these projects aims at providing feedback for protocol designers and implementors, as well as baseline free-software tools with which to perform Mobile IP experiments.

Enhancing Mobile IPv6 Implementations for LINUX.

This project is part of the ATcrc Applications Program.
Project Leader:Ahmet Sekercioglu
Research Fellows:Greg Daley
 Nick Moore
 Brett Pentland

Mobile IPv6 is a mobility management protocol for IPv6, with limited support for real-time data streams.

This project aims to provide performance improvements to the HUT MIPL implementation of MIPv6 (and associated tools), through implementation of complementary protocols and triggering information.

The work can be broken into four sub projects:

Sub-Project: Contact:
Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 for Linux Greg Daley
Fast Router Advertisement Brett Pentland
Inter-Layer Communication in Linux Brett Pentland
Fast Handovers for Mobile IPv6 Nick Moore

updated 15 October 2002

The Monash HMIPv6 Implementation is now available for download under the GNU-GPL and a BSD Style License.

Other ATcrc projects at Monash CTIE

Performance Analysis of HMIPv6 via High Precision Large Scale Parametric Simulation

Project Leader:Ahmet Sekercioglu
Technical Team:Johnny Lai
 Eric Wu

The HMIPv6 simulation models are part of the IPv6Suite simulation tools for OMNeT++. These tools provide an accurate simulation environment for large networks of devices, using IPv6.

Development of these models has been supported by the Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing (VPAC).

These models will be released under the GNU General Public License

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