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The Centre for Telecommunications and Information Engineering values collaboration with other organisations and counts a variety of industry, small to medium enterprises, Universities, research centres and user groups to its partners. Collaboration has been established in the form of joint research projects, cooperative research centres, product and service development, training and the establishment of research facilities, and staff exchanges.

Strong links exist with external users. Recent research collaborations include relationships with:

    Various departments at Monash Medical Centre, Alfred Hospital, Caulfield General Medical Centre and Moorabbin Hospital.

    Texas Instruments, Cray Inc., Silicon Graphics, Siemens, Ericsson, Samsung, Lucent, Hewlett Packard, Fore, Bay Networks, Cisco, automotive manufacturers

    Telstra, Optus, AAPT, Vodafone, PanAmSat

    Cinemedia, Museum of Victoria, Federation Square, ABC, Melbourne University, RMIT

    Australian cooperative research centres: Australian Telecommunications Cooperative Research Centre

    Luleå University (Sweden)

and many others.

The Centre for Telecommunications and Information Engineering in the Monash University Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering welcomes interaction at all levels with external partners.

    Cooperative research, sub contracted research, multipartner research (Govt/Indust/Uni). Research both pure and applied.

    R&D as a partnership, cooperative venture, or with industry as a marketing partner.

    As an Educational partner to transfer business/industry expertise to local industry or within the University sector, we offer postgraduate and professional training courses.

As a centre of expertise, we offer consulting services specialising in telecommunications.

The mutual benefits derived from collaboration include:

    Pooling of knowledge and research expertise

    Increased/flexible manpower base

    Dedicated research input

    Tender Assesment and commentary

    Maintaining market relevance

    Tax/Grant funding leverage

CTIE researchers are keen participants in industry linked research projects such as Linkage Grants.


There are a number of prizes for undergraduate students. These include a number of prizes rewarding studies in areas of telecommunications and information engineering.

During the year, there are also opportunities for students to apply for scholarships, vacation employment programs and overseas work experience offered by local and international companies. Students are advised to sight posters on noticeboards in the Centre for Telecommunications and Information Engineering throughout the year.

The offers include, but are not limited to:

Siemens annual prize for work experience in Germany including substantial financial reward

Texas Instruments design awards

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