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DALEY, Dr Gregory Ian

Phone: +61 4 01 772 770
eMail: gdaley{at}netstarnetworks.com

Greg Daley has left CTIE, and is currently working at NetStar networks. He is still interested in data networking research. Monash-specific contacts should be directed through Dr. Ahmet Sekercioglu.

(Previously) Research Fellow

B.Sc (Hons) (Melbourne)

PhD (Monash)

Selected Research interests:

Provider Network Security, Network Mobility, Detecting Network Attachment, Neighbour Discovery, Multicast Group Management, Wireless MAC, Link-Layer Security, Internet Mobility Management, Network Emulation and Simulation interaction, Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 Implementation, Address visibility and Authorization in IP Mobility


G. Daley. "Strategies for detecting network attachment in the all-IPv6 wireless and mobile internet", PhD Thesis, Accepted February 2008, Monash University. Supervisors: Dr. Y. A. Sekercioglu, Prof G. K. Egan.

R. Nelson, G. Daley and N. Moore. "Implementation of Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 for Linux", In the proceedings of The Sixth International Symposium on Communications Interworking (IFIP Interworking 2002), October 2002. (Kluwer)

G. Daley, B. Pentland and R. Nelson "Effects of Fast Router Advertisement on Mobile IPv6 Handovers", The Eighth IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC'2003), Kemer, Turkey. June/July 2003.

G. Daley, B. Pentland and R. Nelson "Movement Detection Optimizations in Mobile IPv6", The 11th IEEE International Conference on Networks (ICON 2003), Sydney, Australia. Sept/Oct 2003.

N. Moore, G. Daley "Fast Address Configuration Strategies for the Next-Generation Internet", ATNAC 2003, Melbourne, Australia, Dec 2003.

G. Kurup, G. Daley, Y. A. Sekercioglu. "Trust Models and Security Considerations in Multicast Listener Discovery Protocol version 2 (MLDv2)", TENCON 2005, Melbourne, Australia, Nov 2005.

G. Daley, Y. A. Sekercioglu, and G. K. Egan: Minimizing Authorization Delegation Discovery Delays in Secured IPv6 Router Discovery, Adelaide, Australia, Dec 2004.

Requests For Comments:

JH. Choi and G. Daley, "Goals of Detecting Network Attachment in IPv6", Request For Comments 4135 (Informational), August 2005.

Internet Drafts (Work In Progress):

S. Narayanan, J. Kempf, E. Nordmark, B. Pentland, JinHyeock Choi, G. Daley, N Montavont, "Design document for Detecting Network Attachment in IPv6 Networks (DNAv6 Design)", 11-Jul-2008.

G. Daley, E. Nordmark, "Tentative Options for Link-Layer Addresses in IPv6 Neighbour Discovery", 13-Jul-08.

S. Krishnan, G. Daley, "Simple procedures for Detecting Network Attachment in IPv6", 10-Jul-2008.

G. Daley, J-M. Combes, "Securing Neighbour Discovery Proxy Problem Statement", 28-May-08.

Internet Drafts (Expired and Superceded):

H. Soliman, G. Daley, S. Krishnan Firewall Control for Public Access Networks (FCON), 09-Nov-2007.

G. Daley Nonce response matching for router reachability in IPv6, Work in Progress, November 2004.

JinHyeock Choi and G. Daley Detecting Network Attachment in IPv6 Goals, Work in Progress, June 2004.

G. Daley, B. Pentland and E. Nordmark Deterministic Fast Router Advertisement Configuration, Work in Progress, July 2004.

G. Daley Preempting IPv6 Neighbour Discovery, Work in Progress, June 2004.

G. Daley and E. Nordmark Tentative Source Link-Layer Address Options for IPv6 Neighbour Discovery , Work in Progress,June 2004.

G. Daley and G. Kurup Trust Models and Security in Multicast Listener Discovery , Work in Progress,July 2004.

G. Daley Securing Proxy Neighbour Discovery Problem Statement , Work in Progress,July 2004.

S. Narayanan, G. Daley and N. Montavont Detecting Network Attachment in IPv6 - Best Current Practices ,Work in Progress, June 2004.

B. Pentland, G. Daley and JinHyeock Choi Router Advertisement Link Identification for Mobile IPv6 Movement Detection ,Work in Progress, July 2004.

Soohong Daniel Park, Youn-Hee Han and G. Daley IPv6 DAD Optimization Goals and Requirements, Work in Progress, June 2004.

S. Yamamoto, C. Williams, G. Daley and M. Parthasarathy Detecting Network Attachment Terminology, Work in Progress, February 2004

G. Daley and R. Nelson "Duplicate Address Detection Optimization using IPv6 Multicast Listener Discovery", Work in Progress, February 2003.

G. Daley and JinHyeock Choi "Movement Detection Optimization in Mobile IPv6", Work in Progress, February 2003.

G. Daley and G. Kurup "Requirements for Mobile Multicast Clients, Work in Progress, June 2003.

Internet Drafts (Unpublished):

G. Daley Mobile IPv6 and Location Privacy, Work in Progress, January 2004.

Published Patent Applications: JinHyeock Choi and G. Daley and Y. A. Sekercioglu "A method and apparatus for reducing transmission delay of downlink frame in wireless communication system" US Publication number: US 2007/0189253 A1, US Filing Date: Oct 16, 2006. Original Application Number: KR10-2006-0044437, Original Filing Date: May 17, 2006

E. Wu, G. I. Daley, S. Narayanan, A. Sekercioglu "Mobility Signaling Using Direct Or Indirect Signaling Based On Cell Residency Heuristics" US Publication number: US 2008/0013493 A1 US Filing date: Jan 9, 2006

S. Narayanan, E. Shim, G. Daley, D. A. Braun "Authentication of a Peer in a Peer-to-Peer Network" US Publication number: US 2008/0046740 A1, US Filing date: Jul 26, 2006

Software Releases:

Nick Moore and I have implemented Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 for Linux. This code is now available for download.

Included is a patch for Fast Router Advertisement

Standardization efforts:

I'm currently the co-chair of the DNA Working Group in the IETF.



Greg Daley

Monash University ABN 12 377 614 012
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