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IPv6 Router Advertisement research at CTIE.

Contact:Brett Pentland

Router Advertisement behaviour in IPv6 is defined by RFC 2461. This standard defines a base behaviour for IPv6 devices participating in Neighbour and Router Discovery.

The Mobile IPv6 protocols rely heavily on the behaviour of Routers, which advertise their presence, and allow autoconfiguration of IPv6 addresses for Mobile Nodes (MNs) visiting an access network.

A draft is in submission to the IETF which details performance enhancements to the Neighbour Discovery RFC, by expediting responses to Router Solicitations on a single router per subnet.

Brett Pentland, one of the draft authors is a member of the IP Mobility Research team at Monash CTIE

The latest revision of the draft is available here: draft-mkhalil-ipv6-fastra-04.txt

An implementation of this behaviour has been patched into RADVD, and is included with the implementation of Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 (HMIPv6) for Linux

An extension to this idea (not yet implemented) has been proposed that requires less administrator configuration is available here: draft-daley-dna-detfastra-00.txt

The FastRA implementation has been supported by the Australian Telecommunications CRC as part of the ATcrc's Applications Program.

This project is one of a number of Mobile IPv6 Projects at Monash


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