Centennial of Flight 2003: Australian Aeromodellers Tribute

Updated January 5, 2005

In this Bi-Centennial year celebrating Sir George Cayley's first glider flight in 1804, this website will examine the role of the model aeroplane in aviation history.

Whether created as a scale prototype, or miniature or simply a catalyst for fun and recreation, the history of the model aeroplane closely parallels the history of flight.

We are now seeing tiny unmanned aircraft carrying man's 'senses' aloft and soon, nanoscale devices, small enough fly though our bodies combating disease.

The 19th century saw aviation's birth, the 20th century took man into the skies - the 21st century can only be even more spectacular.

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'Brothers in Flight'©

Returning from their tertiary education in Europe, the Duigan Brothers, John and Reginald of Terang (near Hamilton, Victoria, Australia), crafted what maybe the first 'recreational' model aeroplane seen in this country

Several years later John and Reginald built and flew the first all Australian 'man carrying' aircraft with their first fully successful flight made in the early morning of October 7, 1910.


Some 50 years later the Hearn Brothers, Keith, Bruce and Jack build models, fly with the RAAF in WW2 as John Duigan had done in WW1 and when the shooting stopped, ran the highly successful business, 'Hearn's Hobbies'


During 2004, this site will pay tribute to aeromodellers past and present and especially promote the building of 'Australian Classics'


Duigan Pusher

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Hearn's Sportster

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Hearn's Eagle

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The Centennial of Flight 2003

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