The Role of the Model Aeroplane in Aviation History

Updated October 31, 2007

This website will examine the role of the model aeroplane in aviation history.

Whether created as a scale prototype, or miniature or simply a catalyst for fun and recreation, the history of the model aeroplane closely parallels the history of flight.

We are now seeing tiny unmanned aircraft carrying man's 'senses' aloft and soon, nanoscale devices, small enough fly though our bodies combating disease.

The 19th century saw aviation's birth, the 20th century took man into the skies - the 21st century can only be even more spectacular.


Aeromodellers of the Past 200 Years
From Sir George Cayley in 1804 to today

Australian Aeromodelling Clubs - Updated October 31, 2007
Photo essays of the indoor and outdoor model aviation club scene

Australian Aeromodellers 'Hangar of Fame'
The best of our best

Australian Aeromodellers Gallery
YOUR models

Museum of Australian Aeromodelling
Treasures from the past 100 years of Australian model aviation

Aeromodelling Resources
Plans, associations, online magazines, rules and regulations ...more

K-12 Education Resources
'One Stop Shop' for teachers who wish to run an aviation theme in schools

Aeromodelling, Selected Essays
Aeromodelling, radio control ...more

Miscellany of writings of interest


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