Centennial of Flight 2003: Australian Aeromodellers Tribute

AEFA Electric Flight Expo

Saturday 11th October 2003
7:00PM - 11:00PM
Donvale Sports Complex, Springvale Road, Donvale
Melways Map reference 48 F4

Flying Program | Static Display | Qantas Award Presentation | Gallery

Flying Program

Flying commences with various model types including an R100 Scale Airship.
Scale judging (static).

Precision Flying
Fixed Wing and Helicopters

Round 1 - Scale Flying

Precision Flying
Fixed Wing and Helicopters

Indoor Aerobatics

Round 2 - Scale Flying

Presentation of Award
Best Exhibit/Tribute to the Role of Aeromodelling in Aviation History

Static Display

A sample of images from the static display mounted in an annexe at the Donvale Sports Complex. Some 104 models (many of those which flew on the night are in these images). More images will be posted soon, along details on specific models


Static Display 1


Static Display 2


Static Display 3


Static Display 4


Static Display 5

photo : John Kounelis


Static Display : Bristol M1C

Qantas Award Presentation

Best Exhibit/Tribute to the Role of Aeromodelling in Aviation History

The highlight of the night and winner of the Qantas Award for "Best Exhibit/Tribute to the Role of Aeromodelling in Aviation History" had to be this superb model by Neil Hardiman (with Bob Hickman) of the Pusher Biplane built by John and Reginald Duigan in 1910/11, the first all Australian designed, built and flown heavier than air craft.


Although somewhat large for indoor flying (1/6th scale, Span 1.2m), a huge round of applause and cheering went up when, after several unsuccessful attempts, the Duigan lifted in to air. View the flight in either Quicktime format [2.9Mb] or AVI [1.9Mb].

To our knowlege this is the first powered scale model of the Duigan pusher made since the original flew in 1910/11

more images to come.

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