Centennial of Flight 2003: Australian Aeromodellers Tribute

Salute to Reginald Denny

Father the Mass Produced, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

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On the anniversary of the passing of Reginald Denny, the father of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Monash University's Aerobotics© group and several other local aeromodellers, held a special "Salute to Reginald Denny" at Yarra Glen, Victoria, Australia on Sunday, June 15, 2003

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The Croydon Aeromodeller's Club Inc. (CAC)

The Croydon Aeromodeller's Club Flying field is set amongst the lush grassy hills of the Yarra Valley the famous wine making district in eastern Victoria (Australia) on a property with light airstrip owned by Ivan & Bruce Waters and family who graciously provide access to their land to the Croydon Aeromodeller's Club Inc. to use for their model flying activities.


Bush track down to the CAC flying field and clubhouse

Photo : Julie Bird


CAC airstrip at about 8am, midwinter in Victoria

Photo : Julie Bird


High on the hill, the Waters' homestead

note the windsock and neighbouring homestead's vinyard

Photo : Julie Bird

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'Salute' Team and friends at the CAC clubhouse

Photo : Julie Bird


'Salute' Team and friends at the CAC clubhouse

Photo : Richard Naughton


John Bird, 'Miss Debbie' and 'friends'

Photo : Julie Bird


A friendly 'Cattle Plane' helps with the mustering :-)

Photo : Julie Bird

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