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The Centre for Telecommunications and Information Engineering (CTIE)


CTIE has been formally closed as a centre, but the staff are still active - please see ECSE Research web pages for more up to date information.

CTIE Staff 2007 - note some staff have left since last update

Please contact staff directly for research related queries

Dr Hamid Abachi is the departments Director of International Programs, Director of Postgraduate (Coursework) Programs [and is especially fond of the Masters of Telecommunications Engineering ], Director of Professional Development Programs [including Masters by coursework and single subject enrollments as well as short courses] as well as First Year Electrical Engineering Co-ordinator . He still manages to find a little time for research
Dr John A. Bennett specialises in ionospheric radio propagation, radar and TIGER projects
Dr L.N. Binh specialises in very high bit rate Optical Communications and has recently had donations from Telstra and Siemens and has a 10x 16 Gb/s optically amplified long-haul transmission system in the Optical Communications and Applied Photonics Lab, which has been donated by Siemens. He has been researching 40Gb/s and beyond WDM systems as well as simulating optical components and quantum communications.
For 2006-2007 Dr. Binh is the Director of CTIE.
Dr. Binh's publications list can be seen here
Professor G.K. Egan is the Director of CTIE.  His research interests are the design, programming and application of high-performance parallel and distributed computer architectures; special purpose and alternative computer architectures.   He also enjoys research into all aspects of autonomous aircraft. He welcomes enquiries from those interested in postgraduate research opportunities.
Daniel Grimm Mr Daniel Grimm conducts research into the effects of IPv6 and other networks on internet video streaming.  Recently this work was funded under the Australian Telecommunications CRC, but that project has come to a close. Dan has worked on the eMerge project investigating video conferencing and internet video streaming.
Dr Tsun Yue Ho has research interests in Signal processing, statistical inference (including financial engineering), wireless communications, channel modeling, MIMO systems, and channel theory
Mr Stewart Jenvey has research interests in  indoor radio propagation, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and avionics as well as advanced antenna design and measurement. An anechoic chamber facility for antenna measurements, an EMC chamber for EMC research and testing are part of the facilities that I have at my disposal.
Mr Ian Kaminskyj.  General research interests include: machine learning, pattern recognition, signal processing, feature extraction and teaching quality in tertiary education. Specific current research includes: 1. Automatic classification of audio frequency waveforms
Dr Nemai Karmakar has an interest in advanced antenna design and the next generation of RFID type of devices.
Mr Brian Lithgow's main area of interest is Biomedical signal processing, but has a strong interest in digital signal processing in general.
Dr. Nallasamy Mani  has research interests in routing algorithms for broadband networks, mobile computing, channel assignment and load balancing in mobile networks and multistage interconnection networks
Dr Malin Premaratne has interests in Optical Communications Systems, Operations Research, Software Engineering, Digital Signal Processing, Distributed Computing, Mathematical Modeling and Bio-Photonics
Ahmet Dr. Ahmet Sekercioglu enjoys simulation. He has spent many happy hours developing advanced IPv6 simulations in the OMNET++ simulator. He has research interests in Simulation of very-large scale communication networks. Computational intelligence (Fuzzy Logic and Evolutionary Computation) applications to communication network control. And has a long publications list.
Dr Jingxin Zhang is strongly focussed on signal processing and control techniques.

Honorary Research Associates and former members of staff

A/Prof William A Brown
Prof John Bird
Mr. Terry Cornall   has an  information page that links to many prior projects.
Dr. Gregory Cambrell
Mr. Greg Daley
Dr. Donald Keogh
Mr. Nick Moore
Dr. Russell Naughton has devoted many hours to creating the superb website: Hargrave : 150 Years of Australian Aviation History
Dr Khok Khee Pang was instrumental in the creation of CTIE, and originally spent his time on compression and coding techniques related to video. More recently he has been working on space time channel encoding. He has an  information page that highlights some prior work as well as contact details.
 Brett Pentland
Dr. Thirukkumaran Sivahumaran has recently received his PhD. The title of his thesis was "Multiuser Receivers for Coded Transmit Diversity DS-CDMA Systems". He is now working with Dr. Pang and Dr. Binh on space time encoding systems.

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