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The Centre for Telecommunications and Information Engineering (CTIE)


CTIE has been formally closed as a centre, but the staff are still active - please see ECSE Research web pages for more up to date information.

CTIE Major Research and Consulting projects

ctie_logo_150.gif The Centre for Telecommunications and Information Engineering (CTIE) is recognised as a centre of excellence in telecommunications research, technical consulting and education.

The group carries out leading edge research, works collaboratively with and consults for key industry sectors, cultural institutions, organisations in health, the environment, and government, and provides professional training courses.

During 2004/2005 the centre was reviewed by the Faculty of Engineering and given whole hearted support. One of the key recommendations that is being taken up by the members of CTIE was to ‘Build on existing close collaboration with industry to develop joint research projects suitable for National Competitive grant submissions such as LIEF, Project and Discovery grants’.

CTIE has been involved in the Australian government cooperative Research Centre effort since 1993. It continues with a strong record in the Australian Research Council (ARC) Grants scheme and through direct industry consultancies.

CTIE was the Applications program leader in the Australian Telecommunications Cooperative Research Centre(old site), but research has ended in that project (Dec. 2005).

Old CTIE website project, research and collaboration pages are still available on this site, but are not being maintained. They provide a history of some of the major projects that the members of CTIE have been involved in.

Please contact individual CTIE staff directly for any research or consulting enquiries.

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