Centennial of Flight 2003: Australian Aeromodellers Tribute

Australian Aeromodelling Groups

A.E.F.A Indoor Gallery

Melbourne Venue : Manningham Donvale Indoor Sports Centre
360 Springvale Road, Donvale, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
Melway 48 F4
Flying 2nd Saturday of each month, 7.30pm to 11.30 pm
Contact Neil Spencer +61 3 9634 8778

Last Updated November 9, 2003

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Photos unless otherwise noted by Prof. John Bird and Dr Russell Naughton


Our Venue


The modellers gather for the night's meeting


Coffee Break

Bruce Thompson, Norm Clarke, John Bird, John Tweg, Dr Bob Allen

The modellers are presented in alphabetical order

or will be when the project is in a more finished form [Ed.]

Dr Bob Allen


Dr Bob Allen, 3 chan Mini Hangar Rat

Dr Bob notes: This 'Hangar Rat' was made up from standard kit and all up weighs in at 20 grams. It is powered by a KP00 geared motor and controlled by "MicroMag" 3 channel gear made by Rick Ruijsink in Holland on 26.995 Mhz --- this is FM Rx, Micro ESC and 2 MicroMag magnetic actuators with auw of 4G.

Ground control is by JR 4 channel Fm Tx. Airborne power is supplied by 1 Kokam 145mAH Lithium-Polymer cell, with nominal voltage of 3.8 volts-- (4.2V when fully charged) which gives some 8-10 minutes of good flight time

Also see Dr. Bob's page in the Australian Aeromodellers Gallery


Dr Bob Allen, 3 chan Mini Hangar Rat


Dr Bob Allen, 3 chan Mini Hangar Rat


Dr Bob Allen, "Tiny" by Todd Long

Dr. Bob notes : Controls are Throttle, Aileron (with Flapperon), V-Tail for Rudder/Elevator,with mixing between Aileron/Rudder and Elevator/Flap. The Motor is a DC1717 coreless with 11.8 :1 gearbox; Covering is 3micron Mylar; Prop is Braun 10 x8 ins.; Batteries 8 x TA 120 Sanyo Nicads

Review and Plan of the Todd Long "Tiny"


Dr Bob Allen, "Tiny" by Todd Long


Dr Bob Allen, "Tiny" by Todd Long


Dr Bob Allen

Photo: Richard Naughton


Norm Clarke, Bruce Thompson and Dr Bob Allen


Dr Bob's Latest Toy, the JMP Rx Combo

Dr. Bob notes : this is a 3 channel (rudder, elevator, throttle) narrow-band Rx (4th chan optional) with two proportional bidirectional outputs for actuators or small motors, a high resolution speed controller, mixer and under voltage sensing circuit. The board weighs 3.7 gm and each actuators 0.7 gm

John Bird


John Bird, Kestral


John Bird, Kestral

and proving that as long as you fly under the right conditions

INdoor models CAN be flown OUTdoors as well

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CAC Yarra Glen Field Sunday 10 August about 8am


John Bird readies his Slowmowatt

John notes : This is the under cambered wing version of the "Slowmowatt". I also modified mine to make it easier to 'hangar' store in a flat box. The outer wing panels are removable 2 mm carbon rods that plug into tubes. The tail assembly is also demountable with the fin using 1.5 mm carbon rods that plug into tubes and the tail plane secured by a 3mm nylon bolt. The undercarriage is also removable - braced against a base plate in the fuselage and also secured with a 3mm nylon bolt.


John Bird, Slowmowatt


John Bird, Slowmowatt


John Bird, Slowmowatt

Play Movie: AVI format - 15 seconds 2.3Mb

Movie: Richard Naughton

some yet to be identified faces at the November 2003 meeting


Visitors from Ballarat

Photo: Richard Naughton


John Morrison (r) chats with TBA

Photo: Richard Naughton



Photo: Richard Naughton



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