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Updated December 18, 2002

Dr Robert 'Bob' Allen M.D.
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Dr Bob Allen, (aka 'Dr Bob') member of amongst other clubs the AEFA, is a regular flyer at most monthly meetings and for his 'Tribute' to the Aeromodellers of Australia during next year's Centennial enthusiastic he plans to build a 'hi-tech' miniature of the Hearn Brothers' classic, the 'Sportster' .

In the mean time he is seen here at Donvale in early December 2002 flying another micro r/c marvel.

Photography : John Bird


This 'Hangar Rat' was made up from standard kit and all up weighs in at 20 grams. It is powered by a KP00 geared motor and controlled by "MicroMag" 3 channel gear made by Rick Ruijsink in Holland on 26.995 Mhz --- this is FM Rx, Micro ESC and 2 MicroMag magnetic actuators with auw of 4G. Ground control is by JR 4 channel Fm Tx


Airborne power is supplied by 1 Kokam 145mAH Lithium-Polymer cell, with nominal voltage of 3.8 volts-- (4.2V when fully charged) which gives some 8-10 minutes of good flight time


As noted in the introduction, 'Dr Bob' is planning to use the same setup in the proposed Micro Hearns Brothers' 'Sportster', which he thinks he can probably get down to about a 13 inch span. He plans initially to make this as a 'stick and tissue' exact replica, but is also looking at making a Depron profile model as well.

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