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Created May 10, 2003

"I guess Matilda knows how to waltz"

Jim Norfolk of Saint John, NB, Canada writes : "Lately there has been discussion on using scanners/scalers to copy model plans from magazines and a reference to an Oz site where the 'Lil Dennyplane' is.

OK, I used my Adobe Photoshop™ to reduce the downloaded plan at this site to 11 x 17 and guess what? - it fit just fine! -- 22" span, 13 1/2" body and by sizing the wood to it, just right for free flight rubber with all up weight around 30 gms -- I guess Matilda knows how to waltz."


Jim Norfolk, 22" Lt'l Dennyplane Jr.


Jim Norfolk, 22" Lt'l Dennyplane Jr.


Jim Norfolk, 22" Lt'l Dennyplane Jr.

and in closing one more pic where I reworked it for a larger rubber band!


'Lt'l Dennyplane Jr.'

Model Builder, Plan No. 190-OT

A 2650 pixel [900kb] and 8568 pixel [4Mb] images are also available

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