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The mission of the dwAdvanced Computing and Simulation Laboratory (AXL) is to further the knowledge in modeling and simulation of physical processes and apply this to gain better understanding and utilization of applications in telecommunications, biological processes and signal processing. The laboratory will undertake its mission through the assembly of interdisciplinary teams, combining expertise in: photonics, optics and other telecommunications disciplines; computer science and parallel and distributed processing; life science and biomedicine and signal processing. These teams will bring quantitative scientific approaches to cohesively execute research programs in interdisciplinary areas.

Key Research Personnel

Professor Greg Egan, Dr. Khee Pang, Dr. Ahmet Sekercioglu, Dr Mani Nallasamy

Postgraudate Students 10

Research Areas

Current programs are in following research areas.

Photonic Networks - simulation techniques
  • Parallel and distributed simulation of optical communications networks
  • Nonuniform sampling techniques for representing signals
  • Black-box models for optical subsystems and devices
  • Approximate analytical models for optical subsystems and devices
  • Efficient signal representation techniques
Photonic Networks - constrained design and optimization
  • Configuration of dispersion compensating modules
  • Configuration of dispersion compensating modules and amplifiers
  • Upgrading of existing networks
  • Optimization of existing networks by removal of redundant facilities
Modeling and simulation of bio-photonics processes
  • Noninvasive detection of substance in blood using Photo-Acoustic methods
  • Noninvasive detection of substances in blood using Optical Coherence Tomography techniques
  • Optical signal scattering and propagation in living substances.
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