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PANG, Dr Khee K. - Passed away peacefully March 2009


Reader, Deputy Director of the Centre for Telecommunications and Information Engineering, Program Leader of the Australian Telecommunications Cooperative Research Centre

Ph.D (Electrical Engineering), (Monash), 1968, B.E. (Honours), (Melbourne), 1964


Selected Research interests:

Video Communications, Video Coding, Communication Networks, Digital Signal processing, Adaptive Filters, Circuit Theory and Systems, Microwave Circuits

Selected Publications:

(from a list of 120 publications) H.G. Lim, K. K. Pang, T.K. Tan and S.C. Hall, "A low complexity H.261-compatible software video decoder", Signal Processing: Image communication 8, pp. 25-37, 1996

Soon H., Tan, Khee, K. Pang and King N. Ngan, "Classified Perceptual Coding with Adaptive Quantization", IEEE Trans. on CAS -VT, June 1996

Thiow K. Tan, Khee K. Pang and K. N. Ngan, "A Frequency Scalable Coding Scheme Employing Pyramid and Subband Techniques", IEEE Trans. on CAS -VT, Vol.4 No.2, pp. 203-207, April 1994

Khee. Pang and T. K. Tan, "Optimum Loop Filter in Hybrid Coders", IEEE Trans. on CAS -VT, Vol.4 No.2, pp. 158-167, April 1994

K. Pang, M. Biggar, S. Dunstan, and J. Arnold, "The Australian Universal Video Coding Project", Invited paper, Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Australia, Vol. 13, No. 3, pp.163-172; September 1993. (Norman Hayes Award)

K. N. Ngan, L. H. Kieu, T. K. Tan and K. K. Pang, "Layered Coder for Interworking and Its Cell Loss Performance" Asia Pacific Conference on CAS, APCCAS'92, Sydney, December 1992



Dr Khee Pang

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