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Updated December 16, 2002

scrapbook_cover_200.jpg Recently uncovered by the authors, we present a selection of cuttings from a vintage aeromodelling scrapbook belonging to Max Haysom, President of VARMS (Victorian Association of Radio Model Soarers) - Melbourne.

Originally compiled by Jim Fullarton between 1947 and 1952, we hope others like it still exist and with the help of Jim (still actively flying), present similar cuttings from these other volumes.

1947  1948  1949  1950  1951  1952

download a 1000pixel image of the cover



John Lamont, Aug., 1950


Flying Pencil, Aug., 1950

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Flying Pencil, Aug., 1950

download a 1000pixel or 2000pixel plan


Radio Control - at last, Dec., 1950

About the Museum of Australian Aeromodelling

The Museum of Australian Aeromodelling is a 'virtual' on-line exhibition published on the Internet as a subsite of the Monash University, Lawrence Hargrave website

Statistics show that as part of the 'Hargrave' site, the museum has a potential audience of some 500,000 visitors a year and that this may well rise to 1 million by the end of 2003. In the the jargon of the World Wide Web, the site receives annually some 5 ->10 million so called 'hits'

Submission of items for the Museum

The Museum will formally be opened for visitors on January 1, 2003 (The Centennial of Flight). This allows us time to gather together a collection worthy of international publication.

If you have a model (or models) which you consider is/are of historic significance and worthy of inclusion in the museum, please contact the curators by email providing a brief description of the model(s) or object(s) and 100 -200 words or about its/their place in Australian Aeromodelling history.

If the curators consider the item(s) suitable for display, you will be provided with a more detailed outline of the format in which the items should be submitted.

Submissions for inclusion must be in a digital format (computer data files suitable for emailing) and by sending this information, the contributor grants permission for the item(s) to be placed on public exhibition in the 'virtual' museum.

If your submission(s) are model(s) or object(s), please photograph them with a digital camera, or use a traditional film camera and scan the prints. Most local photo outlets offer scanning facilities at reasonable prices and can at time of processing save them to a CD as digital files suitable for eMailing etc.

If your submission(s) are flat objects eg: photographs, newsprint etc, use a flatbed scanner to create the data file(s). Convert any printed text to a word processor file using OCR software (Optical Character Recognition) often 'bundled' with the scanner's operational software.

The curators will design the exhibition/presentation and the person(s) who have donated the resource material will be given a final approval viewing of their exhibit before it is seen in public.

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