Other Early Experimenters : Nikolaj Afanasievich (Dmitrievi) Teleshov

teleshov_1_200.jpg On October 19, 1867 a retired Russian artillery officer Nikolaj Teleshov receives (under an August 17, 1867 application), a patent for "Improved lighter-than-air system" for an air vehicle being a jet airplane of "Delta" type.

Devised c.1864, the "Delta" had a solid, thin wing with a 45degree swept leading edge and a straight trailing edge. It had a cylindrical fuselage with conical nose, a small tail plane and a pulse jet engine.


Nikolaj Teleshov's "Delta", 1867

So far ahead of its time, Teleshov failed to get patents for the craft in Russia, but was successful in France Despite the patents however, Teleshov failed to build the aircraft either in Russia or abroad


Nikolaj Teleshov in later life

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