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Aviation History, General
Aviation History, Lawrence Hargrave

Balloons and Ballooning

Rockets and Rocketry

Kites and Kiting

Gliding, Models
Gliding and Ultralight Aircraft

'Slow' and 'Park' Flyers
Paper Airplanes

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Aviation History, General


Aero Design Team Online: Wright Flyer: Wright Brothers

Aeronautics - The Beginning

Aeronautics, Principles of    Notable Site

Association "Mémoire de l'Air"

Aviation Firsts [Chronology of American aviation firsts]

Aviation History

Cayley, Sir George

Daedalus: The Long Odyssey from Myth to Reality

Digital Library of Flight    Notable Site

First Flight - UK

First Flight - Library of Congress

Flapping Flight

Flights of Inspiration

Histoire de l'Aviation, L'

Langley's Aerodrome - by David Dodge

Octave Chanute Pages, The    Notable Site

Précurseurs, Les

Royal Aeronautical Society, The

"The [Royal Aeronautical] Society was founded as the Aeronautical Society of Great Britain in 1866 with 65 members by the Duke of Argyll. It became the Royal Aeronautical Society in 1918. Australia was first mentioned in 1892 when Lawrence Hargrave was experimenting with cellular kites. He was made a life member in 1897 and gave his paper on box kites in 1899. In 1919 the Institution of Aeronautical Engineers emerged."

San Diego Aerospace Museum

Tale of the Airplane

To Fly is Everything    Notable Site

Yahoo: Science/Aviation-and-Aeronautics/History/

Aviation History, Lawrence Hargrave


Australian Kite Association    Notable Site

Hargrave's Boxkite

Lawrence Hargrave: Australian Kiting Pioneer

Balloons and Ballooning



Rockets and Rocketry


Cruise Missiles: a Brief History

A History of Rocketry Part I: Ancient Times up to World War II

A History of Rocketry [Part II]: (Post-WWII)

Strategic and Tactical Missiles

For a detailed essay on the history of rocketry and missiles please visit the dedicated page elsewhere on this site

Kites and Kiting


American Kite Fliers Association, The

American Kite (Magazine)
P.O. Box 699
Cedar Ridge, CA 95924-9984

Australian Kite Association    Notable Site

Australian Kite Flyers Society, The

Cerf-volant Kite Les bons plans Mizt'Ailes

Christophe Gronier : Kite Plans


History of Kites, The

History of Kites and Kite Flying

Kite Collection, Japanese

Kites - The KAP Site    Notable Site

Kel's Microkite

Kites in the Classroom

Peter's Kite Site

Pioneer kites

Power Kite Site, The - Links

TMR`s Kite Site of Life

Gliding, Models


League of Silent Flight of Australia

ICARE Sailplanes - Scale glider, Electric

Model Aeronautical Association of Australia (MAAA)

R/C Soaring

Gliding and Ultralight Aircraft


"...after the First World War, the Germans were not allowed to build planes, [...] only gliders. So their technological advance in the building of gliders began and they are still ahead today. This was the second birth of gliding thanks to German people. In 1936, during one of the darkest period in world history, gliding reached its highest level: gliding was an event in the Berlin Olympic Games. So, after the war, gliding was considered a nazi sport and was suppressed from the events of Olympic Games. One more time, a war had wounded gliding."

What is Gliding:

Australian Homebuilt Sailplane Association

Australian Soaring

Australian Ultralight Federation

Colditz Glider, The

associated sites

Replica proves Colditz glider was a winner CACHED 17.03.00

Colditz Glider, The

Gliding Federation of Australia, The

Introduction to AirplaneDesign: Featured Glider Designs, Tips, and Ideas

SAGHT Gliding Movement: History

'Slow' and 'Park' Flyers


"Slowflyers fly slow. They have very large wing areas and are extremely light weight which allows for wingloadings in the one to three ounce per square foot range. Most of these models have a minimal amount of structure. [...] The basic design for slowflyers is a single surfaced highly undercambered wing with a carbon tube fuselage and balsa or carbon tail surfaces. These models are best suited for indoor flying or in early morning / late evening dead calm air conditions"

Indoor Competition Classes (of aircraft)

Don Slusarczyk Indoor Web Page, The

Dragonfly, The

Dreaming Aeroplanes

E Zone    Notable Site

Folding Flyer: The Low Cost Radio Controlled Airplane!

Free-Flight Model Airplanes

Frontroom Flyables

Future is Electric, The

High Voltage: The World of R/C Flight

Hobby Club - kit and equipment supplies

Indoor Flying

Kai´s Modellflugseite

'Indoor' (flight) English - French - German 'model aviation' dictionary


"Kolibri is the German name for the smallest bird "humming bird" on earth. All of our Slow Flyers have a birds/bug/insect name and since the Kolibri is mainly built from Carbon which is "Kohle" in German the name sounds funny, at least to a German because it is light weight, small, dynamic and made from Kohle"

Walter Scholl

Little Bee - the ARF Slow-Flyer kit

Matt's Micro Planes

Penaud's Planaphore - a full size replica

SAMS Aeromodeller's Handbook

Slow and Park Flyers from 'Hobby Lobby'

Specialist SlowFly equipment - WES Technics

Stubenfliege - (lit. 'House Fly', act. 'flyer for indoor use')

More: Wayne Hadkins Indoor World - July 1998

Support System For Improved Kolibri Wing Covering, A

Todd's Models

Tweety Bird - Flying Wing

Twin Pushers

Dannysoar -Home

Paper Airplanes


Alex Schultz

FAA Resource Library (Home)

McEagle Styrofoam Glider

mcshane's planes

Paper airplane - The best paper airplane in the world !

Paper Airplane Aerodynamics

Paper Airplanes

Paper Airplane Science


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