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The Geelong College

in association with Monash University and the
Australian Electric Flight Association


A Centennial of Flight 2003

'Salute to the Duigans'

Friday 5th November, 2003

Featuring demonstration flights of both 21st century electric powered micro aeroplanes and models of aircraft from as far back as 1909 plus the highlight, a 1/6 scale replica of the original Duigan 'Pusher' Biplane of 1910

Honouring past Geelong College students

The late Wing Co. Brian Duigan, DFC & bar, DSO

Flying Officer Terry Duigan, DFC and his son Michael


Terry, Reginald, Brian and Michael (5 years)
"Raith", Geelong, 1948

Photo by John Dennis Duigan : Duigan Family Archives

A Gallery of the Day's Events

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The crowd begins to gather, college students
teachers and Duigan family members

Photo: PC057397 ©Julie Bird


The Guest of Honour, Terry Duigan, RAAF, DFC
with son Michael and partner Mariann Ford

Names will be added asap [Ed]

Photo: PC057449 ©Julie Bird


College Principal Dr Pauline Turner opens the proceedings

Photo: PC057435 ©Julie Bird


Neil Hardiman's 1/6th scale replica of the
Duigan Brothers 'Pusher' Biplane of 1910

The first all Australian designed, built and flown heavier than air, powered aeroplane

Photo: PC057352 ©Julie Bird


Neil Hardiman and his father, Ken

Photo: PC057356 ©Julie Bird


The Monash "Duigan' a high speed, high
altitude 'UAV' unmanned Aerial Vehicle

see here for more on this unigue aircraft

Photo: PC057364 ©Julie Bird


Master of Ceremonies
Monash University's Professor John Bird

Photo: PC057424 ©Julie Bird


Colin Parker, a master of the aeromodelling artform
and three Duigan Rubber powered models
(2 indoor and one outdoor) based on a model built
and flown by Reg Duigan in 1909

see here for more on this unique aero model

Photo: PC057376 ©Julie Bird


Colin Parker and two other rubber powered
models to be flown on this day

Photo: PC057381 ©Julie Bird


Colin Parker winding his own 'rubber
powered' design, the 'The Mayfly'

Photo: PC057425 ©Julie Bird


Neil Hardiman and his 1/6th scale
Duigan Brothers 'Pusher' Biplane of 1910

Photo: PC057386 ©Julie Bird


The 1/6th scale Duigan 'Pusher' Biplane of 1910

Designed for outdoor flying, the biplane gently lifts into air before speedily being brought to land so as not to hit the gymnasium wall. The wind on the day was to gusty to fly the very fragile model. In reality the original aircraft, equally fragile, would also have had trouble flying on such a day.

Photo: PC057419 ©Julie Bird


One of the new micro radio controlled
model aircraft, Professor Bird's 'Kestral'

Photo: PC057493 ©Julie Bird


One of the new micro radio controlled model aircraft
Professor Bird's 'Kestral' in full flight

Photo: PC057485 ©Julie Bird


The show is over but the facination continues

Photo: PC057454 ©Julie Bird


The show is over but the facination continues

Photo: PC057458 ©Julie Bird


Dr Russ Naughton (Monash Uni) discusses the afternoon's
proceedings with College Principal Dr Pauline Turner

Photo: PC057395 ©Julie Bird


Monash University's Professor John Bird, Terry Egan,
a former College staff member and keen aeromodeller
and Meg Bate and her son Terry

Ann Galway notes : Meg Bate is a gg grand daughter of Walter Corney
whose daughter Kathleen Rebecca married John Robertson Duigan in 1915.
(John Duigan died in 1951 and Kathleen died in 1952).

Photo: PC057460 ©Julie Bird


Gwynne Duigan, Dr Russ Naughton and Neil Hardiman

Photo: PC057441 ©Julie Bird


Mariann Ford and David Moore

Ann Galway notes : David Moore is Terry's cousin's son, on his mother's side. Also an architect, Terry got him his first job with Buchan, Laird and Buchan. He now works for himself in Williamstown

Photo: PC057446 ©Julie Bird


Old Geelong Collegians Bill Montgomery and Fred Elliott
classmates of John Dennis Duigan, and at right,
Clifford Turner, husband of the Principal

Photo: PC057445 ©Julie Bird

Further details regarding the flying display
Professor John Bird at Monash University

Further details regarding The Geelong College
Ms Carole Barnard at The Geelong College

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