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DSS - IPv6 Streaming Proxy support research at CTIE

Under the ATcrc Project 1.2 Advanced Video communications, Daniel Grimm has been slowly porting the Apple OpenSource Darwin/quicktime Streaming Server to support IPv6. As part of that project, the streaming proxy has been rewritten using the socketcc class libraries and had additional features added:

  • Support for source IP address different from server ip address for individual tracks
  • Has no packet loss when a QuickTime/Darin Streaming Server V4.1xx has Reliable UDP feature turned on (default Apple proxy has approximately 40% packet loss!)
  • Can act as IPv4 (servers) to IPv6 (players) gateway!
The proxy has been tested to work on linux, macosx10.1.5(ipv4 only) and MacOSX10.2(ipv6) and should also be supported on solaris.
ATcrc home
RTSP/RTP Streaming Proxy (linux & macosx10.1.5 and other socketcc supported platforms) See this Diagram for an example of use (prepared for ATcrc Conference Oct 2002 Related information - See Socketcc classlibrary Only compiled and tested on redat linux download the streaming proxy Source and linux binary
MPEG4IP Proxy support. For the MPEG4IP Linux mpeg4 streaming player Replace this file in player/..../rtsplib Works for mpeg4ip0.9.5(to 9) on linux, but not tested on other platforms. Note: you need to replace the proxy address and port with the address/port of your streaming proxy crude proxy support source code

For information about Reliable RTP see Apple OpenSource ReliableRTP_WhitePaper.rtf

Contact: Daniel Grimm for more information on these projects.

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