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AUC provided Apple Intel Developer Kit - in CTIE, Monash Uni.

The AUC has made Developer Transition Kit Centres available and this one is located at:
Location: The CTIE Fishbowl room (B31/111) Clayton Campus, Monash Uni.

QuickTime Darwin Streaming Server with IPv6 on MacOSX-Intel

The first task I had was to repartition the disk.

As a developer I felt much more comfortable with a seperate boot and test partition where I could repeatedly wipe and reinstall software without risk of being unable to boot the system. F8 key on bootup is the solution once you have repartitioned. Using system preferences startup to choose the boot partition seems to break it. Apple's MacOSX Disk Utility did everything I needed in the way of creating a disk image, partitioning and restoring the disk image to the new partitions.

Compiling DSS with IPv6

I grabbed the MacOSX DSS source from the link on this webpage Recompiling it took a few minor changes:
  • Updated build scripts to recognise that it was a MacOSX Intel system
  • Modified some source code to not include getopts.
  • Opened the old project file in XCode2 using the GUI to convert it to a suitable project file
  • built it, then ran the buildpackageinstaller and ran the installer package on a new boot partition.
  • Almost there but the buildpackageinstaller created a dynamic linked version without all the bits. Instead I grabbed the 'build' directory tree and ran the executables from there.
And that was about it!!
If you really want you can look at a diff of the working code - most uninteresting and does not contain the xcode project directory tree.
I haven't actually checked if the modified code will still compile on powerpc based apple under xcode2.1 but expect it will.

Error message due to buildpackageinstaller

dan$ /usr/sbin/QuickTimeStreamingServer -d
dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: lazy pointer not found
dyld: lazy pointer not found
Trace/BPT trap

trans:dan$ ls -l ~/Install-this-from-build-Default/QuickTimeStreamingServer
-rwxr-xr-x 1 dan dan 6870776 Sep 1 10:18 /Install-this-from-build-Default/QuickTimeStreamingServer
trans:dan$ ls -l /usr/sbin/QuickTimeStreamingServer
-r-xr-xr-x 1 root wheel 718616 Sep 1 10:36 /usr/sbin/QuickTimeStreamingServer

As you can see above the executable with everything linked in is much bigger.

For more details, please send mail to

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