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Streaming Video IPv6 Research at CTIE.

Under the ATcrc Applications Program (originally 1.2 Advanced Video Communications project), a Streaming Video services over IPv6 research project is underway at Monash CTIE.

  These projects aim to provide real applications that can be used to demonstrate, test, evaluate and provide feedback for system, protocol and hardware designers and implementors for IPv6, as well as baseline free-software tools with which to perform Streaming video over IPv6 experiments.

Enhancing Quicktime/Darwin Streaming Server to support IPv6

This project was part of the ATcrc Applications Program 1.2 project in 2002.
Research Fellow:Daniel Grimm

Since the start of 2003, the project has been merged into Applications Program 1.1 project, with only Daniel Grimm working with students on it.

Apple QuicktTime/Darwin Streaming Server is an Apple OpenSource project. It has no IPv6 support at present and there are various groups worldwide adding ipv6 support in various fashions, mainly as a means to test other tools (eg: mpeg4ip project).

This project aims to provide a fully IPv6 supporting streaming server. Initial work was supported b an AUDF grant which provided Apple hardware and software support.

The work can be broken into various projects:

IPv6 RTSP/RTP Streaming Clients and Players

Daniel Grimm has been running assorted vacation worker and student thesis projects with a view to enable IPv6 support in streaming media players. With the initial focus being the QuickTime/Darwin Streaming Server, QuickTime client changes to support IPv6 were investigated.

  • MPEG4IP linux mpeg4 player
    The MPEG4IP project provides an IPv6 capable player that works with the systems I have developed. This allows MPEG4 (and other) streaming multimedia to be played on Linux systems. Please refer to
    MPEG4IP Proxy support

  • QuickTime on Windows XP IPv6 RTSP/RTP Streaming Player
    As QuickTime SDK doesn't support IPv6, a full RTSP player application would have needed to be developed - duplicating most of the features of Apple's QuickTime Player. An alternative approach is to use the Apple QuickTime Player combined with a local IPv6 capable application layer gateway acting as a proxy. This gives access to all the facilities of the Quicktime Player application without modifying or having it's source code. A student project (funded as an ATcrc vacation employment scholarship and continued as a final year B.E (ECSE) Thesis project) provided a local bridge IPv6 to IPv4 for QuickTime player on Windows XP - thus allowing Apple's Quicktime Player to communicate via IPv6 either to a proxy or direct to an IPv6 RTSP/Darwin streaming server.
    This project was completed in full end of may 2003.

  • JAVA JMF JMStudio IPv6 RTSP/RTP streaming player
    Java/JMFJMF2.1.1a (and newer) support IPv6 and demonstrations have been carried out to show that the RTSP and the rtp modules (on linux) definitly works with IPv6 - now awaiting completion of a BTech project to provide a fully fledged IPv6 streaming media player including support for IPv6 proxy. JMStudio application as suplied from sun's JMF website without changes can communicate with and play streaming video from IPv6 native Darwin Streaming Server. There are some preconditions (including DNS and reverse IP lookup requirements), as well as command line preference settings that need to be set.

    Instructions for Linux and Solaris can be found at

  • JAVA IBM Alphaworks mpeg4toolkit technology demonstrator
    The MP4Play (and the SDK in general) is an IPv6 capable RTSP/RTP streaming player. Refer to the above java jmf link as it uses the same command line ipv6 preference to make it use IPv6.

    IPv6 RTSP/RTP Streaming Servers

    Sun Java
    Streaming Server supports IPv6.
    The team has successfully ported darwin streaming server to IPv6 - I should be able to add more details soon (oct 2004). I have taken to using that version on my test boxes rather than the code I was developing

    QuickTime Darwin Streaming Server April 2005 - Finally I have a version that compiles on Linux and MacOSX!
    Please See Above for link to tar file of source code and MacOSX Installer

    For more details, please send mail to

    Other ATcrc projects at Monash CTIE

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