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Web Building: Understanding WAP
"Developing content for cell phones is the latest big thing. A series of tutorials from AnywhereYouGo.comwill show you all you need to know to get started [says cnet.com]. Kicking off the series, an overview that will get you familiar with the terms and structure of WAP authoring".   more


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December 2001

WAP is still falling short
Vincent Blake, DECEMBER 11, 2001

WAP is not just any TLA (three-letter acronym)....Its supporters say it frees us from the tyranny of needing to be hard-wired to get data. Its detractors point out the limitations of the mobile phone screen and keypad for accessing the net as we know it. The indifferent recall the initial excitement and its subsequent disappointing delivery, and are hoping it will go away. But it seems WAP is not about to fade away. At least if Orange has anything to do with it.   more

November 2001

ADSL given bad rap
Kate Mackenzie NOVEMBER 23, 2001

ADSL has been let down by its 'growing pains', says a bandwidth management company. Lorenzo Modesto of Bulletproof Networks said while ADSL was good technology, it was already stretched by large demand on the service.   more

Soap or not, WAP fails to clean up
Sarah Bryden-Brown NOVEMBER 22, 2001

WHEN Vodafone launched its Mobile Soap on Monday it was declared a first in Australia. But in the world of new media, first in does not always mean best dressed. Mobile Soap is Australia's first text-message soap opera. For 22c each weekday, Vodafone's customers can keep up with the life and loves of Max, an 18-year-old uni student.   more

June 2001

WAP seems to be the problem
Simon Hayes 26 June 2001

GETTING a WAP connection is still more trouble than it's worth, despite ongoing marketing campaigns for advanced data services by all the major telecommunications carriers. The proud recipient of a WAP-capable Nokia 3330, I thought I'd see what all the fuss was about, and do a bit of web-surfing on my phone.   more

Handset shortage slows WAP roll-out
Simon Hayes 19 June 2001

VODAFONE has taken a big marketing stick to the much-maligned Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), saying too few mobile users understand the technology and the 3G services that it will enable.   more

May 2001

WAP flop muddies 3G waters in Asia
Monday, April 23, 2001, 9:45 By CHRIS FOLEY, AFP

Despite the hundreds of billions of dollars being spent enhancing the marriage of the mobile phone to the Internet, doubts persist about the potential success of its 3G offspring. The world's first 3G system, sired by Japanese mobile phone giant NTT DoCoMo, will be born in Tokyo next month, offering highspeed audio, video and data information to screens as small as a matchbox.   more

February 2001

Voice to save WAP: lawyer
Jennifer Foreshew 13 February 2001

VOICE technology will be critical to the development of Wireless Application Protocol devices, and its growth will be driven by security and privacy fears, according to a legal expert.   more

January 2001

Voice portals to kill WAP: expert
Jennifer Foreshew, 30 January 2001

MOBILE phone users will shun WAP in favour of voice portals - the combination of speech recognition and the internet - to perform everyday cyber-chores, according to an industry expect. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu national e-business leader Peter Williams predicted a proliferation of voice portals, based on natural speech recognition, in Australia.   more

December 2000

Uni pioneers WAP-controlled robots
Jennifer Foreshew 12 December 2000

AUSTRALIAN researchers have achieved a world-first by remotely controlling a robot via the internet using a mobile phone and Wireless Application Protocol. Developed at the University of Wollongong's School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering, the new WAP telerobotics technology holds great potential for the manufacturing industry.   more

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