Defining Interactive Television

I am defining Interactive Television as multiple-media programming offered by one party to another and which allows the end-user control of both content and access

There are I believe, three formats that the television system of the future will operate under, these are...


    primary level content

    traditional non-interactive television

    secondary level content

    language selection, closed captioning etc.

    format eg., news with a sporting, financial or entertainment focus.

    tertiary level content (enhanced television?)

    image and or text databases

    program guides and previews of coming programs

    'fact sheets' on lifestyle programs, recipes on cooking programs etc.

One way Narrowcast

    programs on demand and in multiple classifications, PG, M, R etc.

Two way Narrowcast

    transmission of non-secure data from the end-user to a distant point, eg., guestbooks

    transmission of secure data from the end-user to a distant point, eg., purchasing of goods and services, banking etc.

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