Lidia Vissarionovna Zvereva (1890-1916)

zvereva_1_cu_TL_200.jpg Lidia Zvereva

In 1911 Vladimir Victorovich Slusarenko, his wife Lidia Vissarionovna Zvereva, (also Lydia, Lidiya) aviator A.A. Agafonov and others performed public flights in different Russian towns in their own 'Farman-IV'. Sometimes they took paid passengers but it was an uneasy money.

In 1912 in Georgia, Tbilisi (then Tiflis) the aircraft was destroyed by a storm before the show, and with no money to pay to the owner of the hippodrome field and were forced to forfeit the aircraft's engine in lieu.

In 1913 Slusarenko and Zvereva obtained contract with Military Department, organized repair workshop and pilot school near Riga. They started with assembly of two Farman-XVI (80hp Gnome engine), finishing them in October 1913. The second order was for eight aircraft of the same type which they filled in the Summer of 1914. Productivity was one-two aircraft/month. They followd with 15 Farman-XXIIs'; 25 Morane-Parasols; eight Farman-IVs; and a few Morane-Gs

In 1916 the factory was substantially expanded and now employed some 460 people. In the summer 1917 the following aircraft were on assembly lines: 20 Lebed-XII; 45 Morane-G 16m (160 ordered); 28 Morane-Gs 14m; 20 Farman-IVs and four Farman-XVIs. Almost all these aircraft entered service but, in second half 1917, the factory started to suffer from supply and manpower shortages (one revolution had just passed, another was imminent). From December 1917 production started to fall and in late 1918, the factory closed down.

In addition to the assembly of Farmans and Moranes, a few experimental aircraft of original design were built, some of these initiated and designed by G.P. Adler.


Lidia Vissarionovna Zvereva

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Venusian Crater : Lidia Vissarionovna Zvereva

Corner coordinates for named features on Venus, as well as the accented form of the name and a short explanation of the origin of the name (that is, a description of the woman for whom the feature was named).

Lower latitude : 45.2; Upper latitude : 45.3; Far left longitude : 282.3; Far right longitude : 283.6

Feature type : CRATER; Name : ZVEREVA; Accented form of name : Zvereva; Status of name : IAU-APPROVED

Center latitude (as given in Schaber's JGR list) : 45.35 ; Center longitude (as given in Schaber's JGR list) : 283.; Diameter for craters, coronae : 23.5; Schaber's JGR crater classification : P

Origin of name : Lidiya; Russian aviatrix (1890-1916)

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