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Project 1947 - Horten Letter, December 16, 1947



A case for many UFO sightings being advanced military aircraft

I think that the following is an important little exposé, as it make the point that many UFO sightings, are probably OUR military tests. The question arises though, what about all the disc sightings? I am still a believer that, along with the Nazi Horten craft we may have grabbed some ACTUAL discs based on a revolutionary new technology.

There are many tellings of the story of a Top Secret US Naval engagement which allegedly took place off the coast of Antarctica (close the South African coast) that included an aerial battle where our boys fought disc-like aircraft apparently based on a radical new form of propulsion.

As the story goes, the first time in we got our butts kicked. Later we alledged to have returned and captured some of the craft. Who knows? I guess this raises the question, could we have captured discs, and then flown them to bases in Nevada (via other bases, and possibly from early tests and back-engineering sessions at Boeing?) in the summer of 1997?

The original pilot drawing does disagree with the drawing of the Horten wing in one particular-in Kenneth's drawing there is a distinct round cockpit or artifact in the center of the craft. Although the first thing that comes to mind is that there MUST be a cockpit, it's round shape is curious. Kenneth could NOT have had an encounter with a completely round cockpit cover in his experience, such a thing would not have been aerodynamic. Flying fortresses did have such structures under and on top of the craft, for gunners, but not as a fliers cockpit.

If this WAS a Gravity-field powered craft, one that was also manned, a tower arrangement wound have been critical in order to create a self-contained inertial field effect (Look at MOST disc to se this, it is a prominent feature, and I propose-a basic feature of REAL extraterrestrial craft). But such a tower is particularly non-aerodynamic on this sort of craft.

This is why I often refer to these wings as "hybrid" technology. Yet, if they were some sort of hybrid, then you might expect such a skipping or wobbling motion. It is also possible that (if there were employment of a G-field effect) that these rather primitive craft employed such technology as a sort of inertial dampener-not unlike that of the "levitation" technology recently discovered in Finland.

If there actually was a G-field generator employed for lateral thrust/lift, however, this configuration would almost certainly have been a more traditional tripod arrangement. Yet, although (as I've modeled it) there are many ways to "skin a cat," each application of G-field technology has it's advantages and/or limitations. It is a shame no one could have verified this sighting from beneath the craft, perhaps this would have helped cleared up the mystery.

Well, anyway, a less exciting, but simpler explanation is explored below. I thought you all might enjoy this.

The Kenneth Arnold Story

On June 24, 1947, Kenneth Arnold, a successful salesman and experienced search and rescue pilot, took off in his small plane from Chehalis, Washington en route to Yakima. Close to Mineral, Washington and about 25 miles from Mount Rainier, he noticed a formation of 9 unusual objects flying from north to south at around 9,500 feet.

He observed the objects strange flight characteristics for 2 to 3 minutes and calculated their speed at over 1,200 m.p.h. , a speed totally unheard of at the time. When Arnold landed at Yakima, Washington, he told some people of the incredible new high speed aircraft he had witnessed. He flew on to Pendleton, Oregon and found a number of reporters were waiting, eager to learn about these new aircraft.

Asked to describe how they flew, Arnold explained that, "they flew like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water". A reporter named Bill Begrette coined the phrase "flying saucer" and people have been claiming to see "flying saucers" ever since! But curiously, Kenneth Arnold did not actually describe a saucer shaped craft and "flying saucers" are by no means the only phenomenon consistently described in reports. This is what Kenneth Arnold sketched.


Kenneth Arnold sketch

At the end of World War II, U.S. military and scientific Instrumentalities literally stripped Nazi Germany of its scientists and and amazingly super-advanced Science. That is to say, however, that they only were able to secretly salvage what the Russians had not already taken.

In such matters, Knowledge is Power, right? Secret Knowledge is more Powerful. It would appear that what Kenneth Arnold saw was a flight of captured Nazi Horten IX bombers being flown in the vicinity of Mount Ranier, for whatever reason.

Investigation revealed to this writer that the Horton Ho IX was a highly advanced (for the time) flying wing type of craft, which actually had Stealth, radar-invisibilty, some 50 years ahead of its time. This craft was known to be unstable, however, and documentably flew with a distinct skipping motion.


That the United States has been in possession of a supersonic stealth airplane for more than 50 years, and, further, that it has been a closely guarded secret, all that time, and still is. Why? Obviously, at the height of the Cold War, these craft were being used for over flights of Russia and other communist countries.

Given their stealth invisibility on radar, great speed and secrecy, they were one of the most incredibly potent weapons in the arsenal of the free world. Therefore, it is obvious that the United States allowed the myth of flying saucers and UFOs to grow, and may even have fostered same, in the name of national security.

The fact that this policy still seems to be in effect speaks for itself. It is rumored that the United States typically is in a state of scientific advancement some 15 to 20 years ahead of what is generally available to the rest of the world (Earth). No one knows what the current state of United States military and scientific advancement may be.

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