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Aerofoil (Airfoil) Analysis and Plotting

Blended Wing Body Airliner: Air Vehicle Design, Cranfield University

Development of the All-Wing Aircraft

Evolution of the Aerofoil (Airfoil)

Flying Wings

Flying wings: an idea whose time has come 7/30/97

Flying Wing Bibliography

Integrated Aerodynamics and Control System Design for Tailless Aircraft

Sadoff, Melvin Sisk, Thomas R., December 13, 1950

NACA Report 796 An interim report on the stability and control of tailless airplanes
Donlan, Charles, 1944 , pp. 16.

Photo Gallery

Tailless Aircraft

Tailless fighter flight tests complete

Toward the theory of Flying Wings


Defining the Jet

Going Supersonic: 1945-1958
Chapter 3, The NASA History Series,Orders of Magnitude : A History of the NACA and NASA, 1915-1990

Jet and Rocket Planes

The Horten Brothers and their All-Wing Aircraft

Secret Aircraft Designs of the Third Reich

Dabrowski, H.P.,The Horten Flying Wing in World War II

Lippisch P 13a & Experimental DM-1

Pape G.R., with J.M. and D. Campbell, The Flying Wings of Jack Northrop

Pape G.R., Campbell, D., Northrop Flying Wings

Flying Wings of the Horten Brothers


Coleman, E., (Ted), Jack Northrop and the Flying Wing : The real Story behind the Stealth Bomber

Griehl, ManfredJet Planes of Third Reich: The Secret Projects Volume 1

Wooldridge, E.T., Winged Wonders: The Story of the Flying Wings, Smithsonian Institution Press, 1983

German Aviation Reports

Postage is $1.00 for the first paper ordered (any one), with $.50 for each additional paper. For non-US, non-Canada orders, double the total postage.

Scott Lowther
7521 W. 8th Pl.
Lakewood, CO 80215

"The Horten Tailless Aircraft," Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-committee (CIOS), May, 1945. 57 pages, with layout drawings of the Horten Ho I - VI, Parabola, VIII and tow aircraft, as well as several detail drawings of structures and components, a history of the Horten activities, aircraft descriptions, personnel lists, an index of captured Horten documents, a translation of Hanna Reitsch's report on Ho II's flying qualities, and several somewhat poorly reproduced photos.

Price: $16.00

"The Horten Tailless Aircraft," Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE), October, 1945. 75 pages, a more technical document covering aircraft descriptions, "How the Hortens design their aircraft," including calculations, "Comments on some aerodynamic aspects of the Horten designs," and many drawings, including layout drawings of the Ho I-VI, the rarely seen Ho VIII transport, Ho IX, the Parabola, and "approximate only" Ho X research a/c; also many detailed drawings of components and structures, especially the Ho IVb, and several poorly reproduced photos.

Price: $16.00

SHAEF: Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee: Horten Tailless Aircraft. [A report compiled from captured documents and from an informant]. ; London: H.M. Stationery Office [for SHAEF], [1945]., Large 8vo (10" x 7.5"). 30 pp of printed typewriter-face text including figures, plans and photographs of tailless aircraft ("flying wings") under development by the Horten brothers, Major Walter Horten and Oberleutenant Riemar Horten of the Luftwaffe, aircraft designers.

Following the Normandy landings in 1944, combined American and British intelligence units working under SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied European Forces) produced an on-going and wide-ranging series of detailed surveys and reports on captured German industry and armament production as allied troops advanced across Europe. Printed in small numbers for a restricted circulation, these military intelligence reports, containing a wealth of material unpublished elsewhere.

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