Centennial of Flight 2003: Australian Aeromodellers Tribute

Victorian Free Flight Society : Further Information

The V.F.F.S. is a group of enthusiasts who fly 'free flight' model aircraft for fun, fitness and sport!

There are 3 basic categories; gliders, rubber driven and motor powered and these can be contest machines, sport fun flyers or scale models. All are built and trimmed to fly a set flight pattern without any external control.

Free Flight model aircraft are, as the name suggests, model aircraft which 'fly free', i.e. not under the direct control of the flier after they have been launched. They therefore must be built to be inherently stable and capable of sustaining themselves throughout their flight.

The sport of free-flight is one with a long history of competition and endeavour, being the original aeromodeling hobby. It provides a unique blend of construction skills and physical activity, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

It is a rewarding family sport providing outdoor and indoor flying pleasure at moderate expense to suit anyone's budget. To assist newcomers, V.F.F.S. members lend models and offer every assistance with advice on what to build, materials, sources of supply, construction and trimming.


Contact Phone Numbers
Meeting and Flying Venues
'Flypaper' - The Newsletter of the VFFS

Latest Competition Results
Competition Calendar : 2004
Competitions Archive : 2003

Selected Reading
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Contact Phone Numbers

Darien Cassidy
Phone: +61 3 9899 0322

Colin Parker
PO Box 15
Park Orchards
Victoria, Australia 3114
Phone +61 3 9876 1609


Meeting and Flying Venues


First Tuesday each month. Business and social at the Old Homestead Inn, 170 Queens Pde., North Fitzroy.

Indoor Flying

Sunshine West Community Centre
Kermeen Street Reserve
Melway Ref 40 C-D4

Four contests annually

[Download Map] -- coming soon

Outdoor Flying

De Dio's paddock on the south west corner of Leaks Road and Sewells Road [MelwayRef 283 H3]. The field is across Sayers road from the old field which was Droomers home paddock.

[Download Map] -- coming soon

Access to the field: For northerly winds enter by the gate at the NorthEast corner of the field. For southerly or southwesterly winds proceed to Sayers Road and enter by the gate at the South boundary. Cars may drive across the field - but care should be taken.


Indoor events start at 0900 and finish at 1430.

Each indoor day will include other indoor events if State Championship flying permits.

Outdoor events start at 0800 and finish at 1430.

Number of flights and max for Combined and Open events will be decided by the CD on the day.

All Combined Vintage events include Old Timer. If there are enough entries, Old Timer will be run as a separate event.

All Combined Mini events permit P30 to fly as F1G.


'Flypaper' - The Newsletter of the VFFS

Taking out a subscription to 'Flypaper' is the best way to both stay informed on VFFS news and coming events. It also is a great source of interesting information about FF in Victoria.

A subscription costs A$15.00 per annum. Further information is available from the editor Sean O'Connor


Latest Competition Results

Victorian State Championships - Peanut Scale
Sunshine West Community Centre, October 12, 2003

Name             Type (scale points)  Flight times (secs)       Score

Adolph Haas      Volks Plane 8        159 169  55 100  90  40 	 117
Colin Parker     Fike 24               93 113  93  53  77 110    98
Jim Fullarton    Lacey 14             122  92                    85
Neil McLeod      Nesmith Cougar 22     34  45  39  30  33  44    52
Gary Sunderland  Bristol Scout         20  39  41  35  40        47
See a Photo Essay of this meeting


Competition Calendar : 2004

Feb 15     Combined Vintage and combined % open

Mar 06-08  State Champs-open power, open rubber (Shaw cup)
           F1C, F1A, P-30, HLG & CLG at Springhurst F1B,
           Vintage Power, Vintage rubber
Mar 21     Indoors State Champs F1L, F1D, Living Room Stick etc

Apr 04     Combined Vintage, open rubber, open power

Apr 09-12  AFFS and Trans Tasman

Apr 13-23  Australian Nationals at Busselton

May 16     Indoors State Champs HLG, CLG and 100&13 Sandfly formula

May 23     State Champs F1G, F1H, F1J

Jun 06     Under 30 inch span.
           Eligible: P30, Gollywock, old Garnham etc. 3 by 3 min max

Jun 20     State Champs scale, open power, open rubber, Oz diesel

Jun 27     Indoors State Champs Bostonian, Hangar Rat etc

Jul 11     Hervey trophy, Garnham Trophy (P30 & F1G 3 by 2 min max)

Aug 15     F1G , F1B, F1A. Unorthodox, Helicopter, Autogyro, etc

Sep 12     Under 30 inch span. Eligible : P30 ,Gollywock,
           old Garnham etc Open rubber, Open scale

Sep 26     Indoor State Champs, Peanut Scale, Open Indoor Scale

Oct 17     Combined vintage, open power, open rubber, Oz diesel

Nov 14     Combined % open, HLG & CLG and P30

Dec 12     Oz diesel, Open power, open rubber


Competitions Archive : 2003

Indoor [PDF File]  |   Outdoor [PDF File]

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World Cup, F1A, B, C, E and A-Jr., E-Jr.
Overall  |   Australia


Selected Reading

'Free Flight Quarterly'

'Free Flight Quarterly' (FFQ) has been born from the desire to have an international English language magazine devoted exclusively to Free Flight matters....FFQ ...aspires to be a truly international magazine, not only involved with the Australian Free Flight movement, but ready to open its pages to contributors from all countries. ...more


Selected Links

Model Aeronautical Association of Australia (M.A.A.A)

M.A.A.A Official Rules : Free Flight

Victorian Model Aircraft Association (V.M.A.A)

V.M.A.A. Events Calendar

New South Wales Free Flight Society Inc.

Brisbane Free Flight Society inc (BFFS)

Fédération Aéronautiqe Internationale (FAI)
Sporting Code Section IV [PDF File]
2003.a Edition, Effective January 1, 2003 - amended March 13, 2003, Volume F1

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Selected Resources

designed by or represented by VFFS members

Free Flight Technology : Vin Morgan Trackers

Free Flight Technology manufacture radio beacons and receivers for model tracking. The beacons have a two stage RF section and a separate IC pulser. This permits a high output for good range together with a small duty cycle for good battery life. Transmitters are sealed with epoxy in heat shrink tubing, so they are mechanically protected and waterproof.

The beacons are produced in two versions. Version O is supplied without a battery, giving the user a number of options. Version L is attached to a holder for a CR1220 lithium coin cell.

Specifications: (both models)

    Antenna: 300 mm steel wire
    Output: unmodulated RF. On ~40mS, off ~ 2S.
    Frequency: crystal controlled in the 152 MHz band. Other frequencies can be made to order

Version O:

    Weight: 1.9 gm
    Size: 21x 9 x 7mm

    No battery supplied.

    Options include 3 V from

    two watch batteries
    Lithium pin battery or coin cell
    2x AA or AAA cells
    Price $70 USD

Version L:

    Weight: 3.7 gm
    Size: 23x12x13 mm

    Battery : CR1220 lithium cell. 35 mAh
    (gives about 200 hours duration)
    Price $72 USD

Tax is not payable for overseas orders


    Vin and Leigh Morgan
    Free Flight Technology
    644 Canning Street
    North Carlton
    AUSTRALIA 3054

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