HARGRAVE_003.jpg Awards pay tribute to leading scientists
By Penny Fannin, Science Reporter, The Age Newspaper
Friday 19 May 2000

"Thirteen of Australia's top scientists were last night recognised for their contributions to science in Australia and internationally.

The 11 men and two women were honored for their outstanding performances in fields ranging from aviation to medicine and genetics. Researchers such as Antarctic explorer Douglas Mawson and the inventor of the box kite, Lawrence Hargrave, were posthumously named Australia's Tall Poppies". ...more

Elite science researchers honoured
ABC Online

"Australia's top researchers have been honoured as part of a national program to raise public awareness of science. The Tall Poppies Campaign launched by the Australian Institute of Political Science recognises 13 scientists who have contributed to Australia. Among them are the aviation pioneer, Lawrence Hargrave, Antarctic explorer, Sir Douglas Mawson and Graeme Clark, who led a team which developed the bionic ear".


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