Arthur's Ancient Aeronutz : 100-13 Class* Competition : April 4, 2005

* Rubber powered, 100 square inches of flying surfaces and a minimum weight of 13 grammes.
Hangar Rats were allowed if the weight rule was met. A few micro electrics also flew, joining in the days fun :-)

1-12 | 13-24

p1050862 p1050788 p1050740 p1050754
P1050862 P1050788 P1050740 P1050754
p1050763 p1050771 p1050837 p1050787
P1050763 P1050771 P1050837 P1050787
p1050878 p1050794 p1050893 p1050867
P1050878 P1050794 P1050893 P1050867