Walter H. Righter (1905 - 1982)

Radioplane Recovery System

Patent 2,257,277 : Walter H. Righter and Ken Case


Radioplane Recovery System Patent 2,257,277

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Radioplane Recovery SystemPatent 2,257,277

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Radioplane Recovery System Patent 2,257,277

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Radioplane Recovery System Patent 2,257,277

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Reginald Denny notes: "According to Dad's story I was instrumental in solving that [the landing] problem. There was a room off the backyard of our home in Hollywood where dad and his technicians did most of the development work on these drones. I recall spending hours watching and annoying them with conversation and questions.

Dad had taken me to one of the many air shows we attended together. There was an army parachute jump demonstrated at that air show. I clearly recall that air show. After returning from the air show according to Dad's story, I asked "why don't you land your drone by parachute like those guys in the air show". Bingo. He went right to work on that idea.

The parachute release device really made the drone operational. I of course don't recall the actual conversation with Dad, but I do clearly recall the parachute demonstration. I also recall constantly pestering Dad and the other developers with my presence, bombarding them with questions and suggestions.

This I'm certain wasn't appreciated by the other men working on the project. Particularly when I became bored and threw dirt bombs at the windows of the room in which they were working. Because I recall being very impressed with that parachute demonstration and hanging around while Dad worked on the drone, his story could very well be accurate.

Dad sometimes took a little poetic license when explaining some occurrences. But then, "Out of the mouths of babes come words of wisdom", or something like that. :-) So perhaps Dad's story of the parachute idea is accurate. Who knows. I recall watching the development and discussing the parachute release with Dad, but not actually suggesting it."

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