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Target Drones by Radioplane Co.

Derived from : Directory of U.S. Military Rockets and Missiles - Appendix 1: Early Missiles and Drones

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U.S. Army Air Force / U.S. Air Force

OQ-1 / RP-4

OQ-2 / RP-5

OQ-2A / RP-5A


OQ-4 : To Be Researched

OQ-5 : To Be Researched

OQ-6 / RP-14


Q-6 [1955/57], Q-7 [1955/57], Q-11 [1957/62]

Andreas Parsch notes : These have been reported as redesignations of the existing OQ-6, OQ-7 and OQ-11 drones in 1948.

However, this is unlikely, because e.g. the OQ-19 was never redesignated as Q-19, and there was a new Q-3 in 1950 although the OQ-3 was much more widespread than the OQ-6, OQ-7 and OQ-11. And although a few XOQ-6As remained in 1948, the OQ-7 and OQ-11 was no longer in the USAF inventory at that time. That said, the Q-6, Q-7 and Q-11 slots remain unidentified so far.

OQ-8, OQ-9, OQ-10 [1943]

Andreas Parsch notes : The official reference source US Army Air Forces: "Army Aircraft Model Designations", 1946, lists all USAAF aircraft designations from about 1935 to 1946, including OQ-numbers from OQ-2 to OQ-19. However, the entries on OQ-8, OQ-9 and OQ-10 only say "no data available".

One plausible exlanation is that the three numbers were reserved for war-time production of small target drones by non-aerospace companies, which was eventually cancelled when the major contractors (Radioplane and Frankfort) could produce enough drones.

Another possibility is that the OQ-11 was designated out of sequence and the next numbers were allocated from #12 on without filling the gap first.


Andreas Parsch notes : US Army Air Forces: "Army Aircraft Model Designations", 1946 says that the OQ-11 was a redesignation of "Model A-11", which seems strange because the short-lived "A-for-Aerial Target" series supposedly ended with the A-8.

Anyway, if the OQ-11 was indeed originally the A-11 for any reason, it's not implausible that the number 11 was kept even if "OQ-8" would have been next in line.


OQ-13 [1962]

Andreas Parsch notes : This number was never assigned. The apparent gap between OQ-12 and OQ-14 comes from the fact that OQ-14 was an out-of-sequence redesignation of the old PQ-14.

OQ-14 / RP-8

OQ-15 : To Be Researched

OQ-16 / [TD3D]

OQ-17 / RP-18 / KDR-1 / TD4D-1

OQ-18 : To Be Researched

OQ-19 / RP-19 / KD2R / MQM-33


Q-10 / RP-62

U.S. Navy

TDD-1 : Target Drone Denny 1

TDD-2 : Target Drone Denny 2

OQ-14 / RP-8 / TD4D / KDR : Target Drone Denny 3, 4

OQ-17 / RP-18 / TD4D-1 /KDR-1  Quail

OQ-19 / RP-19 / KD2R / MQM-33  Quail/Shelduck

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