Paulina Denisovna Dudnik Ossipenko (1907-1939)

osipenko_d.1939_200.jpg Paulina Ossipenko

On October 28, 1937, Valentina Grizodubova flew non-stop with Marina Raskova on an AIR-12 for a world record for women's long distance non-stop flight.

On September 24-25, 1938, Grizodubova with Marina Raskova and Paulina Ossipenko set another world record with their a non-stop flight of 5,900 km from Moscow to Siberia in an ANT-37.

MP-1, MP-1bis, MP-1T
by G.M. Beriev

Close-range naval reconnaissater MBR-2 entered production in civil configuration. It was the first Soviet passenger hydroplane with high degree of comfort. It was equipped with ventilation system, comfortable seats and even cabin paneling. Nicely colored, those planes served on Yalta-Odessa route.


MP-1 at Yalta haven, ready for Odessa

Illustrated Encyclopedia of the TANTK G.M.Beriev aircraft Vol.1 p.40;

Elimination of open gunners position and underwing hardpoints resulted in higher aircraft speed. No other external changes were introduced.

Passenger variant MP-1bis was used for altitude record setting by female pilot Polina Osipenko:

    22 May 1937, 8864m;
    23 May 1937, 7605m with 500kg load;
    25 May 1937, 7009m with 1000kg load;
Female crew (P. Osipenko, V. Lomako and M. Raskova) flew route Sevastopol-Kiev-Novgorod-Arkhangelsk for record non-stop flight. This was done 2 July 1938, covering 2416km in 10hours33min at average speed 228km/h.

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