The Easy-S

by Peter Kearney
Cached from from Indoor World - Plans & Drawings - Ezb/F1L - no longer available

The Easy-S is my latest* Autocad drawing. The plan was made from scans of the original sketches and it now contains nearly 30 layers allowing me to print out anything from a plain wing outline to a fully detailed, dimensioned, scale drawing with accurate wood sizes and prop outline. The model was originally designed by my friend Bill Henderson after Gerry Nolin published an article in Model Aviation on his very successful Serendipity design.

Back in 1989 when I first wanted to build an EZB, Bill suggested I build this one due to it's relatively large wood sizes and the ease with which the model could be trimmed to fly. By todays standards this model is a real heavyweight at 1.09 gm but at the time, only ultrafilm was available and a top notch time was just over 20 minutes for a Cat. IV site.

At the time, I was only thirteen but I found the model very easy to handle and it flew as if on rails. In fact, that year it set three national records for me as follows: Cat. IV 16:33 June 2, 1989, Cat. II 10:37 July 4, 1989 and Cat. III 7:12 Oct 1, 1989 For anyone wishing to build their first EZB or for anyone looking for a great flying model for the 1.2 gm F1L event then an Easy-S would be an excellent choice.

Note: Since this was originally a fairly detailed CAD plan I've had to make it larger than usual to preserve all the details in the poorer quality raster image (gif). I've made it 189 DPI and the drawing size is 172 Kb This should allow you to print out a very nice and accurate 3:1 scale drawing on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.

The Easy-S was designed by Peter Kearney in December 1998*, - no longer available