Edith "Edie" Foltz Stearns (1902-1956)

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Edith Foltz Stearns was one of the pioneer aviators of her day. She was a Charter member of the Ninety-Nines, a premier organization of licensed women pilots.

Foltz had been an early barnstormer. She also flew in several of the early air derby races, coming in second in the low-powered division in 1929.

When she applied for the Air Transport Auxiliary she held a Commercial license with a flight instructor's rating and had logged over 4000 hours of flight time.

She had a 16 year-old son, Joe. Foltz traveled to England with the fourth group of American women arriving in England in June 1942. She served with the ATA until June of 1945.

Upon her return to the United States Stearns continued her flying. She flew in several air races and taught instrument flying to Naval Cadets at Corpus Christi Texas. She died in 1956.

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