Dear eBay sellers

The eBay system has recently changed regarding eMails to the seller other than "ask the seller" on the item pages. Now your invoices (not including your eMail addresses) come to me via eBay and not from you the seller enabling easy eMail correspondence.

Accordingly I have had to take this web based method to talk to you all at the one time over my current money shortfall.


For some time now I have been supplementing the pension of my middle brother (57) who is the full time carer for my disabled youngest brother (54) and my mother (91) who is severly demented.

This supplement has been to assist him manage their bills including often a large amount medically related. A year and a half ago my youngest brother also suffered a heart attack which, although he thankfully survived, has made him more vulnerable than ever.

I get a pretty good pension (34 years of work with our national broadcaster) which over the past few years has enabled me to help them, take good care of my own family (wife and son) and still allow me money for eBay.

Several times however, over my nearly eleven years with eBay (July 1998), the money did run short and I had to leave eBay to catch up. This has happened in recent weeks and again I need to leave eBay for a while.

Most importantly though, before I leave, I need to settle up with you and pay the remaining invoices from the past two or three weeks.

I really want the items I have selected and I CAN do this but need the time to do it. Some of you have been VERY patient with me already and so I need to doubly ask you for your continued patience. I am an honest person and I promise that all my debts to you WILL be paid.

Sincerely, Russell Naughton

May 24, 2009