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The Geelong College

in association with Monash University and the
Australian Electric Flight Association


A Centennial of Flight 2003

'Salute to the Duigans'

Friday 5th November, 2003

Honouring past Geelong College students

The late Wing Co. Brian Duigan, DFC & bar, DSO

Flying Officer Terry Duigan, DFC
and his son Michael

and John Dennis Duigan


Terry, Reginald, Brian and Michael (5 years)
"Raith", Geelong, 1948

Photo by John Dennis Duigan : Duigan Family Archives

Featuring demonstration flights of the latest in 21st century
hi-tech electric mini and micro aeroplanes

and weather permitting

A flight of a 1/6 scale replica of the original
Duigan Pusher Biplane of 1910


Neil Hardiman (with Bob Hickman r.) and their superb model of the Pusher Biplane built by John and Reginald Duigan in 1910, the first all Australian designed, built and flown heavier than air craft.

Further details regarding the flying display
Professor John Bird at Monash University

Further details regarding the venue
Ms Carole Barnard at The Geelong College

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