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Fred Hardy, RP-1, Paul Whittier Estate

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Righter Family Archives

Reg Denny Jr. notes: "The RP-1 I believe was partially built at "The Industries" and partially at Paul Whittier's home. It had a wooden frame and was a scaled up Dennyplane. I don't think anyone actually designed it, other than to build a larger version of the Dennyplane.

I believe it's design was the result of the efforts of several model builders at "The Industries". Paul and dad possibly contributed to this. Whatever, it never really flew. Primarily I believe, due to the under developed, confusing radio control system. This is all from my childhood memory and could be incorrect.

Fran Righter adds: [yes]..."this is a picture of Fred Hardy in Paul Whittier's back yard. My Dad [Walter Righter] wrote on the back of the picture "Fred Hardy and the ship he designed". So your memory serves you well. Fred may have worked for "The Industries" for a period of time?? but he started working at the Righter Mfg. Co. July 25, 1938 and worked there until Jan. 25, 1941. He was Dad's 10th employee. (Ken Case was the 13th employee; starting work there ten months after Fred) You are right about the radio control, that's why Ken was sent over to Righter Co."


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