Marcelle Choisnet-Gohard (*-*)

choisnet_1_200.jpg The Lilienthal Medal 1951

To reward a particularly remarkable performance in gliding, or eminent services to the sport of gliding over a long period of time, the FAI created the Lilienthal Medal in 1938.

In 1951 the Medal was awarded to Marcelle Choisnet-Gohard

Awarded annually by the FAI Gliding Commission, it may be given to a glider pilot who has ....

  1. established an international record during the past year ; or
  2. made a pioneer flight (defined as a flight which has opened new possibilities for gliding and/or gliding techniques) ; or
  3. rendered eminent service to the sport of gliding over a significant period of time, and is still an active glider pilot.

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