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boll_1_200.jpg Mabel Boll "The Queen of Diamonds"
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Miss Mabel Boll (known as "The Queen of Diamonds" on account of the enormous amount of jewelry she carries), is about to hop-off from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland in the famous plane Columbia, in which Mr Charles Levine made his great Atlantic flight and which is owned by him.

The pilot is Captain Leboutillier and his navigator is Mr Arthur Argles, Miss Mabel Boll is being carried as a passenger.

It is life's ambition for her to be the first woman to fly the Atlantic but she has keen rivals in Miss Earhart now at Newfoundland and Thea Rasche the german aspirant. This new and hitherto unpublished photo shows Miss Mabel Boll wearing some of the famous jewels.

Columbia A Little Competition for Miss Earhart

June 4, 1927 : Just two weeks after Charles "Lucky Lindy" Lindbergh made his historic solo flight across the Atlantic, the Columbia was making its presence known. The Columbia's flight was from New York to Berlin, via Harbour Grace. It seems that women were getting the interest for flying because among the crew was Mabel Boll.

"The Queen of Diamonds", as she was known in the social circles she was associated with, wanted to be the first woman to cross the Atlantic. Now don't get me wrong, Miss Boll was not the pilot. Mabel was just a passenger of the Columbia.

For 5 days the Columbia occupied space on the runway while the crew waited anxiously for the notice from Dr. Kimball that the weather was favorable. It was in this duration that their attempts went in vain allowing a woman who stole our hearts a chance to race Mabel.

Amelia Earhart beat Mabel Boll in crossing the water by air. With this defeat, the trip was canceled and the crew returned home to America. Before leaving Mabel Boll made a donation of $500 dollars to the airstrip for future development.

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