Vera von Bissing (*-*)

Origins to the Olympics : The First World Aerobatic Championships

Although the factory pilots had all the advantages in the competition world, there were still plenty of enthusiastic non professionals going the rounds of the air show circuits including a number of women.

Most famous were the Germans: Liesel Bach, the outstanding woman pilot of her day, Vera von Bissing (a pupil of Fieseler's), Hanna Reitsch (who started as a glider pilot) and the swashbuckling Thea Rasche. Among the French were Helene Boucher and Maryse Hilsz, both of whom flew Moranes.


Messerschmitt M35

Vera von Bissing flew a Messerschmitt M35 at the WAC accompanying the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games.

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Lisel (Liesl) Bach, Vera von Bissing and Prof. Heinkel


Thea Rasche, Willi Stör and Vera von Bissing

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Vera von Bissing

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Het vooromslag met foto's van een bepaald opwindende stunten uithalende D-IKNI. De mevrouw met vliegeniershelm met nog vlot loshangende kinband is Vera von Bissing, heldin van menig jong luchtvaart-enthousiast in die tijd.

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