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In 1969 Rosemary flew across the USA in a Hughes 500C from Culver City, California to Florida in 20.5 flying hours and in 1970 'just for something completely different', flew DC3's in Indonesia

In 1976 she was Tour Leader to Oshkosh Air Show, Wisconsin USA and then back in Sydney, Rosemary started her own Air Charter Company HELICOPTER PROMOTIONS AUSTRALIA. Operating the Bell 47J2A, Enstrom 28F, Hiller 12E, Hughes 300 and Hughes 500D


Rosemary Arnold

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In 1979 Rosemary operated her Bell 47J2A helicopter VH-THH with her daughters as ground crew and in one 8 hour flying day Rosemary did 75 takeoffs and landings, and carried a total of 276 passengers

In 1985 she moved back to the USA and in Las Vegas, Nevada and started her own Air Charter Company HELICOPTER PROMOTIONS INTERNATIONAL flying a Hughes 500D


Rosemary Arnold with 'Annie'

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In 2001 after a period of 'retirement' and back again in Sydney Rosemary lectured on "Think Aviation" Careers in Aviation. 2001 saw her publish "Hovering Matilda" and join the lecture circuit speaking to interested groups on careers in aviation


Rosemary Arnold on the lecture circuit

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In 2003 after 17yrs of non-flying, Rosemary renewed her Commercial Pilot Licence (Dec.2002) and now plans to start a new heli business called 'Chapel in the Sky', to do weddings over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and 'at the other end of the story', scatter ashes over the waterways outbound from Bankstown Airport.

Having left school at 15 and always wanting to go to university, Rosemary has fulfilled yet another dream this year, starting a Bachelor of Aviation Degree at UWS.

You can eMail Rosemary at or write to her at

PO Box 98 Balgowlah, NSW, AUSTRALIA, 2093

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