The Avro Duigan Biplane of 1912 (1913)

1/12 Scale Model built by Gary Sunderland, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, July 2007
For images and the story of the "Real Thing" see duigan_gallery_09.html | duigan_gallery_10.html | duigan_gallery_05.html

p1300651 p1300634 p1300635 p1300665
P1300651 P1300634 P1300635 P1300665
p1300619 p1300600 p1300601 p1300620
P1300619 P1300600 P1300601 P1300620
p1300596 p1300589 p1300593 p1300592
P1300596 P1300589 P1300593 P1300592