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The Aviation Historical Society of Australia (AHSA) is a non-profit Incorporated Society. Now in its forty-first year, the Society is the sole organisation dedicated to the recording of our aviation past and to the encouragement of research of this subject. The federal division is responsible for the publication of the quarterly journal, "Aviation Heritage" and the AHSA Newsletter.

There are three state branches, Victoria, NSW and Queensland which are autonomous. There are members in all states of Australia plus 6 other countries. Your membership of AHSA Inc. includes receiving Aviation Heritage and the national Newsletter, plus any other publication, which occur from time to time.

Each of the branches have a monthly meeting with a guest speaker where members meet with other like minded people to further the aims of the Society. Our groups do not pursue a hands on rebuilding etc of old aircraft, but are more interested in the photographing and recording of history.


Melbourne Branch : The fourth Wednesday in every month, 7:30 at the RSL, Stanley Gross St, East Malvern.

Further information - Keith Meggs (03) 9580 0140.

NSW Branch : The first Wednesday in every month, 7:45 at Studio 1, Powerhouse Museum, (enter from the Macarthur Street end).

Further information - Warwick Bigsworth, (02) 9872 2323

Queensland Branch : The last Friday in every month, 7:30 at the RQAC Archerfield. Meals available.

Further information - Richard Hitchins, (07) 3208 9810
Webpage : http://members.tripod.com/ahsa_q


of AHSA Inc.

President Vice President Secretary & Pub. Officer Treasurer Committee
Keith Meggs Alan Patching Bill Baker Peter Baker Ian Leslie
Roger Meyer


AHSA Newsletter

Published by the Aviation Historical Society of Australia Inc.

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Aviation Heritage

The Journal of the Aviation Historical Society of Australia Inc.

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One of the aims of the Society is to publish the results of members' research in one of the two publications, the Journal - 'Aviation Heritage' for longer illustrated articles, and the 'Newsletter' for shorter articles, air show reports, aircraft lists, etc.

Those joining during the publication period will receive all those Journals relating to the current period, ie the complete volume to date



Subscription Rates:

Australia $45.00 ; Rest of the World $68.00.

Overseas subscribers are requested to pay in Australian currency, via International Money Order or Bank Draft. Personal cheques drawn on overseas banks cannot be accepted, due to the high bank charges involved.

Send Payment to:

Aviation Historical Society of Australia Inc.
P.O. Box 2007, South Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA 3205


Please note that many back issues are no longer available
and that some of those in the above list are in short supply

All prices are in Australian dollars and include postage within Australia.
Overseas subscribers please add $2.00 per item to the total for postage.

Aviation Historical Society of Australia Inc.
P.O. Box 2007, South Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA 3205

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