EDITORIAL We have quite a good spread of articles this issue for your interest. I thank all those who have taken the time to send me articles - of course if we don't get these we, don't have a Journal. Please don't stop. At the time of writing I am reading the first of the Ansett collapse books, I certainly hope we have a member out there who will do something for "AH" on this important historic event. Slowly, but inevitably the old timers are leaving us, we don't have all that much time to record their lives, which we should do. If you can, attend your local Branch meeting, you'll will be among friends! Editors wish list; Priority 1: First to Fly in Australia.( Still waiting, waiting.) Any facet of Australia's aviation history, Malaya, GAF Nomad, Korea, Vietnam, anything that interests you and can be printed. How about the history of Airbus in Australia? Or some photos out of your collection for the Members Photo Page? Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands come under our banner also. Anything!! Cover: To accompany Roger McDonalds interesting article on New Guinea's Patair is a shot of Avro Anson VH-BKU loading rubber at Kokoda airstrip. Next Issue; Volume 33 Number 4 will be in your letter-box in the first week of December 2002. Contents; 91 Flying the Oscar Duece in Vietnam David Robson 95 From Bush Mechanic to Fellowships William McFarlane 100 Early Flying Experiences Tony Marsh 101 The coming of Aeradio to Australia Roger Meyer 103 PATAIR - Papuan Airlines Roger McDonald 119 Tiger Moth VH-ASA M.J.Flanagan 123 The Coode Island Aerodrome 125 Escape or Fry John Laming 127 The Fairey IIID in Australia Keith Isaacs 131 The Cicada Paul Lomas